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    Discover Yourself At The Power of Releasing  River Retreats



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The Power of Releasing Retreats with Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

At our retreats, you will experience Lindwall Releasing. A long weekend of releasing and clearing of your specific issues, old emotional pains and mental limitations that hold you back or sabotage your career, relationships and health.

Over the years, hundreds of people have learnt Lindwall Releasing and have experienced the benefits that come with knowing.

You can be one of them.

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What is Lindwall Releasing ?

Ever wondered why certain issues or problems recur in your life? Perhaps sometimes you find yourself stopping short every time you approach success or happiness.

Lindwall Releasing works by identifying and assisting you to let go of these patterns or programs in your life that act as heavy weights or limits to achieving the success and happiness that you desire.

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  • I want to give a sincere shout out of gratitude to my soul mama and papa Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer – The Power of Releasing. Learning how to release with them during my Saturn Return since last year has been one of the biggest personal investments I’ve chosen for myself.

    Heiko & Selina, I’ve come full circle since my work visa denial back in 2013, and realized sometimes the hiccups in life were so necessary for more learnings and growth. The amount of limiting beliefs and blocks I’ve released further on a deep deep level has created more miracles in my life then I ever imagined possible. Today, I prepare to move to LA soon as a PR – this next chapter is finally happening, and the best is I get more years to live and work in the States than a work visa would have given me. If I could summarize what I’ve learnt in short – is that amongst this gigantic universe we are a part of, I stand today humbly as human, remembering who I really am and discovering how blessed I am to be here. The amount of love, honesty and humility in my interactions with you, just inspires me to be like you two. I love you both so so much.

    Realised her dream to work in the U.S. despite many setbacks.
  • “This morning when I woke up I had a couple of thoughts that were not serving me and I instinctively began to use releasing statements. For the next fifteen minutes in the shower I just kept using ‘I release….’ and ‘I embrace….’ and it was amazing the difference.”

    Photo copyright 2007 Lance Cheung
    Clinton Swaine
  • I wasn’t aware that I was playing small in my industry in the past due to my inner fear of embracing my creative aspect. I’m so glad that through The Power of Releasing, I got to know myself better. This programme got me in touch with my real inner being.

    Cynthia Koh
  • This River Retreat is Highly Recommended for those who have been searching for answers for the “patterns in their lives” that seem to be stopping them. During the retreat, you will find out the root causes to the patterns & resistances. Once they are removed, major shift will happen. Thanks to the two retreats I attended, I had major breakthroughs in my life! Truly I’m very grateful to Heiko & Selina for their undivided attention, support & love throughout the retreat. We received more than what we expected.

    Suzan Tan
  • Heiko and Selina's work has helped me get a very powerful tool to help me on a daily basis. I use their method daily and it helps me to support others more profoundly and to do my work even MORE EFFECTIVELY.

    I highly recommend business people and people in all walks of life to experience Heiko and Selina's work for their personal breakthroughs.

    DC Cordova
  • Experiencing the Releasing method in many private sessions and a workshop with Heiko and Selina has brought great essential changes to my life ever since my first Releasing experience.

    These changes apply to me as well as for my company. I know that Releasing has contributed greatly to my personal growth and has helped to take me to this point in my life and business. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    Wendy Tan
  • The benefits that I’ve gained from the Power of Releasing is immeasurable…  I’m moved to share this because of the possibilities that could open up everyone. My own parents have gone for a session with Heiko and Selina, and I’m especially overjoyed because it has taken me so long to create this possibility for the people whom I hold dear to my heart… today my dad is whistling a happy tune which he had not done in years.

    Jacy Wee

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