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Walking bravely forward to re-connect with the Heart and to ALL That Is

It’s been more than a week since our last retreat and as the participants have been home in Australia or Bali, Singapore and Malaysia integrating their experience, so have we been in rest and reflection.

There are many people whom we have had the privilege to work with over the last 17 years that have dived into the memories of their soul journey and in the process, encountering horrific misdeeds in past lives that have hurt and harmed so many that those actions had left imprints of deep shadows in their soul memory. These old memories are the secrets of their soul which they would rather forget or bury forever out of horror, self-judgement, guilt and shame.
They, in this current lifetime, often mistrusted themselves, felt disconnected, lacked self-confidence, feared engaging with groups or crowds and held back their power.

There is often a hidden feeling in such individuals that if anyone really knew them, if they truly showed what they carry inside, the wickedness or darkness that they subconsciously judge as residing in their hearts would be revealed and be reviled by all.
And therefore, unconscious masks are often set in place as a disguise so that they are able to function as seemingly cheerful, good and balanced people. That is, until they released the darkness and discovered that it wasn’t their True Selves at all! In fact, their True Selves are Love, Wisdom, Compassion, Truth and are Powerful. They discovered that their True Selves are undying as they, as individuals, have “died” so many times in the past and are still existing today.

The beautiful souls who came together at the last retreat were a group of very powerful beings who were able to support each other with their combined energies to allow us both to take them through the level of Darkness that many would quail to see let alone confront. The long-hidden secrets of their souls.
It took epic Courage and incredible humility. It took Trust.
And they did it.

After the booting out of stubborn entities by releasing pacts and agreements spanning many lifetimes, the participants regained Clarity and were able release their self-horror, self-judgement and self-punishment and then to ask for and receive forgiveness as well as to forgive themselves. Forgiveness at such an integrated level, Body, Mind and Soul, were achieved by all and opened for 2 people new levels in their decision to reconnect with the Highest Divine Source of Love/God, after feeling lost in darkness for so long. Energy surged and tingled through their bodies, into their hearts and tears of gratitude, joy and bliss flowed as they experienced what they had longed for and had only previously read about! Such an immensely profound and Divine experience can only be hinted at as words fail.

Many participants cleared subconscious issues of fear and mistrust with Feminine and Mother energies, re-balancing their male and female aspects.

One participant who could not have a short conversation with her mother without feelings of irritation and aggravation rising, discovered that she harboured guilt and shame towards her mother’s soul from deeds of revenge in a recent past life that destroyed the lives of all involved. This old guilt and shame subconsciously prevented her from fully receiving her mother’s love in this current lifetime and she created justifications for her anger towards her mother in order to distance herself from that love which she felt she no longer deserved. What joy when all the guilt was released and forgiveness was sought and received. She felt herself in her mother’s arms in deep, loving embrace. Her heart filled with love and she looked forward eagerly to return home for long overdue hugs.
Most importantly, she forgave herself and could open her heart to reconnect with her Self. She reported a week later that she now speaks naturally and easily with her mother and is planning a holiday with her!

All participants returned from the retreat with much Light-er hearts, glowing beaming faces and a new sense of who they truly are. A true sense of Freedom. It was the Divine Law of Grace at work and what a Grace!

Thank you, our beloved teachers, Isa and Yolanda Lindwall for your gift and legacy.
Thank you Divine Providence and Divine Beings who were present at our retreat to hold us all steady with your Love and Energy.
We are all truly Blessed.

March 25, 2016

Hiding Yourself

“If you spend your life lying to people about who you are, you’ll never get to know who they are.” ~ Jenny’s Wedding movie

Love that line. Spot on.

Releasing Statements for the Day to say out loud:

I release my fear to be judged and rejected for who I really am.

I release to judge and reject myself for who I really am, believing there are parts and aspects of myself that are unacceptable. I release that belief now.

I release all decisions to hide myself and lie about who I am hoping to be loved and accepted and out of fear to rock the boat. That fear I release now.

I release all masks that I’m consciously and subconsciously wearing to hide myself and to present a pleasing and acceptable face to others, hoping not to be truly seen.



I open myself to love and accept myself and to approve of myself exactly the way I am.

I choose now to show myself.

I free myself from all bondage and inner imprisonment.

I step into my true Freedom now.


Love to all,
Heiko and Selina

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.35.07 PM

We’ve been experiencing that many people have lost beloved friends and family members in the last few months, some through suspicious circumstances and suicide but also through illness.

We feel your shock and grief. Sometimes, the grief can feel like a deep pit where the pain and horror of infinite Loss and Missing lie. Sometimes, it is numbed because the pain is so great that you feel you would be swallowed and destroyed by it if you allow yourself to feel.
Or, if you are very close to the beloved one, the pain of their leaving can send you spinning into an anchor-less space as all foundation in your life crumbles and the ground disappears. All you want to do is to follow the beloved to the other side.

Here are some Releasing Statements to ease your hearts, dear ones.
Allow the tears to flow freely if they well up. They are the ice in your heart melting.

Say them out loud and take your time.

I release my deep shock finding out that my mother/ father/ dear friend (insert name)/ husband/ wife/ brother/ sister…has died so suddenly. I release the shock from my mind, body cells and energy field and on all levels of my being.
So it is.
(Say this more than once and after each time, take a deep breath and slowly let it go…until you feel your chest is lighter and freer.)

I release all decisions to numb my pain, out of fear to be overwhelmed or destroyed by my pain and grief. That fear I release now. So it is.
I open myself now to feel everything that I feel knowing that if the pain could destroy me, it already would have. It’s safe to feel my pain and I allow as much as I can handle right now to come up, be felt and expressed.

I release my fear to lose control if I allow myself to feel my pain.
I release all need for control.
I know I’m safe. So it is.

I release my decision to hold on tightly to my pain and never let it go out of fear to lose the beloved forever if I let the pain go. I let the pain go now.

I release my pain believing that my heart is broken.

I release my anger for (insert person) for leaving so soon, before I’m ready. I release my feeling of guilt for feeling angry. I forgive him/ her and I forgive myself. So it is.

I release my feeling of guilt, feeling that I did not spend as much time with him/ her when I should and could have. And I release my fear that he/ she might think that I don’t love him/ her. I forgive myself now. So it is.
I open myself to trust that he/ she knows my heart and that I love him/ her.

I release my fear that I will never ever see or be with this person (insert person) again and that we are forever separated.
I release my deep grief, believing that we will be forever separated. So it is.
(Take a deep breath)

I release my idea and conviction that without (insert person) in my life, that life is now meaningless and not worth living. I let that go. So it is.

And I release my pain and grief missing (insert person) so much.

I release all decisions of my soul to destroy myself and die or go to the other side towards death to be with my passed away (insert person) so that we can be together forever and always. I let those decisions go now.
So it is.


I open myself to know that we will meet again one day when the time is right. But not now, not yet.
I let (insert person) go now to higher hands where he/ she is loved and well taken care of. I know that separation is an illusion. There is no real separation. I come fully back to my body now and I stay here to make full and best use of my time and my life and to be happy. So it is.

I choose to see, to know and to experience that the Divine Consciousness that I AM is my foundation and I anchor myself in my Divine Presence right now.
I open myself fully to experience life anew, strong and complete in my being.

I choose now to send my love to (insert person) and I open my heart to receive love from him/ her wherever he/ she is right now.

I heal now. SO IT IS.

We hope these statements will give you some relief and we send all of you our love,
Heiko and Selina