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Foundry has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Foundry to sell or create a simple business website.

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Foundry has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Foundry to sell or create a simple business website.

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Foundry has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Foundry to sell or create a simple business website.

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Foundry has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Foundry to sell or create a simple business website.

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I have done more than 20 releasing sessions over the last 15 years.
Today, I am married to my ideal man, have an incredible 2-yr old daughter and successfully built and sold a multi- million dollar, award-winning business, all which I give some credit to Selina and Heiko for helping me overcome the various challenges along my path. Their releasing sessions influenced my decision-making, cleared up perceptions that were clouding my reality, opened up possibilities I never saw before, broke patterns I never knew existed and sped up the process of reaching my goals.

Releasing is not just for those with serious emotional or financial issues and baggage, but also for those lucky ones who are already blessed with the good things in life.
It is for anyone who wants a short cut to live life fully and to follow one’s heart fearlessly in all aspects of life; from career to love, to family, to discovering the deepest truth of oneself and one’s true life purpose.

Sometimes, I had specific issues to address, sometimes I had nothing in mind but just wanted to check out what else I didn’t know that I didn’t know. And I was never disappointed other than at my very first session, as I was too skeptical then to be fully open to the process they guided me through.

I still go to Releasing now and will continue to do Releasing with them as my journey continues with possible set backs and uncertainties ahead.

If I have to name one best take home from Heiko and Selina, it is their advice “to be congruent with yourself and always chose the path of truth in every decision you make”.

Over the years they have shared with me so many case studies of their clients (whom I do not know of course and no names were mentioned). I was always touched, moved, and inspired by what was possible on what seemed so impossible to heal and resolve. I am sharing this because I want more people not to give up on love and hope.
Perhaps what worked for me through Releasing with Heiko and Selina could work for you too.

Successfully built and sold a multi- million dollar, award-winning business. -

I want to give a sincere shout out of gratitude to my soul mama and papa Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer – The Power of Releasing. Learning how to release with them during my Saturn Return since last year has been one of the biggest personal investments I’ve chosen for myself.

Heiko & Selina, I’ve come full circle since my work visa denial back in 2013, and realized sometimes the hiccups in life were so necessary for more learnings and growth. The amount of limiting beliefs and blocks I’ve released further on a deep deep level has created more miracles in my life then I ever imagined possible. Today, I prepare to move to LA soon as a PR – this next chapter is finally happening, and the best is I get more years to live and work in the States than a work visa would have given me. If I could summarize what I’ve learnt in short – is that amongst this gigantic universe we are a part of, I stand today humbly as human, remembering who I really am and discovering how blessed I am to be here. The amount of love, honesty and humility in my interactions with you, just inspires me to be like you two. I love you both so so much.

Realised her dream to work in the U.S. despite many setbacks. -

I was in a desperate state, as I have had two major operations before in 2010 and 2012 to remove large tumors called Adenomyoma in the muscles of my womb walls. The tumors were accompanied by terribly painful and very heavy bleeding which required $500 injections to stop. I did 6 of these over half a year in order to function.
After the second operation, another almost 8cm tumor appeared with a lot of bleeding non-stop for 7 weeks, as if I was having my menses. With the pain and blood loss, I was bedridden and lost 4kg. As a last resort, I was going to have my womb removed. The operation would have cost me $25K, money which I didn’t have. I lost hope for my business and my health. I didn’t want to put my mother through taking care of me again either. Thoughts of suicide crossed my mind as I wanted to stop the pain. Never had I experienced so much pain emotionally and physically as this.

In the River Retreat with Heiko and Selina, I traced the root causes of this health crisis with my womb and discovered some key past lives where I had done deeds for which I felt very guilty and decided to punish myself for. To do this, I subconsciously decided to destroy my womb. Over 3 and a half days of deep Releasing, I balanced the heavy karma created, sought forgiveness and forgave myself. Healing took place in my soul and in my heart.

Yesterday, I went for my first check up after the River Retreat in November. I felt nervous and afraid, not knowing what the results would be. To my great joy, the tumor had shrunk from almost 8cm to 3.8cm! In just 10 days! On top of that, I have no more bleeding or pain even though the medicine from the previous jab has worn off.
This is truly a miracle! I trust that the tumor will continue shrinking and I will have a full recovery. Now I feel like I can live like a woman again and have a good life.

Heartfelt thanks to Heiko and Selina for The Power of Releasing retreat and for your love and support, for the miracle of my life. So much love. I feel loved. Wonders do happen.

To my great joy, the tumor had shrunk from almost 8cm to 3.8cm! In just 10 days! -

Thank you Heiko and Selina for helping me with my release. I was once very pessimistic and had problems with cash flow and relationships. However after I went through the releasing with the wonderful couple, things started changing for the better.
Ever since that day, the opportunity came for me and my mum to talk to each other. Even though it was a Skype conversation, it was certainly a fruitful one because my mum and i reconciled and we both agreed to forgive each other and let the past rest.
My mum even blessed and encouraged me, telling that she loves me and will give me her full support in whatever I do. In return, I prayed a healing prayer for her over the phone, in which I could tell, she was very touched by my gestures.
From that day onwards, financial blessings and investment opportunities came in like never before. My loans were approved and my account balances began to build up. As of now, I may not be rich yet, but I have no more problems with my finances.
Regarding my relationships, I find myself attracting more positive people who are sincere and could add value to my life. My PR skills too started improving and many people remarked they see me looking “brighter”, more confident and radiating a very positive aura.
I’m sure that given time, with more releases and as my people skills improve, relationships too will no longer be a problem.
Thank you once again Heiko and Selina, the most dynamic couple I ever met for helping me overcome my past and getting healed spiritually. Look forward to working with u guys again to discover more about myself in future.

Financial blessings and investment opportunities came in like never before. -


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