Global Releasing Webinar – How to Overcome The Fear of Failure – Part 2


In this 120-minute webinar, Heiko & Selina will be focusing on using Releasing to help participants overcome their fear of failure.

Take this rare opportunity to really release and clear the big blocks of deep and hidden programs around your journey towards success in all areas of your life!

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    In Part 2 of this webinar series  How to Overcome The Fear of Failure, Heiko and Selina will release with you the emotions and some root causes of the fear of failure in its many layers, with direct knowledge garnered from their combined 46 years of experience working with people from 23 countries. They will not only explain how this fear can be released and dissolved using the Lindwall Releasing process but will directly be releasing with you through the entirety of this webinar.

    Have you ever felt paralysed and/or depressed by the Fear of Failure? Most of us have been crippled by the fear of failure at different points in our lives. It might have started early on in our childhood – the fear of failing school exams, fear of not meeting others’ expectations, which might lead to the anxiety of not getting the jobs we desire, trust issues in relationships and obstacles in other areas of our life.

    When we feel we are unable to move on from this fear to pursue our dreams – be it a brilliant career or a meaningful life, the inner flame of our being starts to fade… And eventually, we become a mere shadow of our true amazing selves, filled with, the frustration of unfulfilled dreams.

    Now, how wonderful would it feel to be free of this fear? It’s time to start gaining confidence and control as you step forward and take charge of pursuing what your heart desires!

    In How to Overcome The Fear of Failure Part 2, Heiko and Selina will work with you on the spot to release and overcome some of this fear so that you can move forward with a renewed sense of freedom, confidence and personal power. They will release with you:

    • the emotions that you have been holding and suppressing around this fear
    • root causes of the fear of failure
    • Inherited family and ancestral sabotaging programs to not succeed
    • Reprogram your subconscious mind to move forward with courage and confidence

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    *Only practical Releasing will be done in this webinar.