“If you spend your life lying to people about who you are, you’ll never get to know who they are.” ~ Jenny’s Wedding movie

Love that line. Spot on.

Releasing Statements for the Day to say out loud:

I release my fear to be judged and rejected for who I really am.

I release to judge and reject myself for who I really am, believing there are parts and aspects of myself that are unacceptable. I release that belief now.

I release all decisions to hide myself and lie about who I am hoping to be loved and accepted and out of fear to rock the boat. That fear I release now.

I release all masks that I’m consciously and subconsciously wearing to hide myself and to present a pleasing and acceptable face to others, hoping not to be truly seen.



I open myself to love and accept myself and to approve of myself exactly the way I am.

I choose now to show myself.

I free myself from all bondage and inner imprisonment.

I step into my true Freedom now.


Love to all,
Heiko and Selina