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Lindwall Releasing

Lindwall Releasing® or simply, Releasing, as it is popularly known, was introduced in the 1970′s by Dr. E.E. Lindwall (Isa) and Ruth Lindwall (Yolanda) and has since become a treasured and successful process for people from all walks of life, including doctors, therapists and their patients, CEOs, business managers and corporate leaders, teachers, life and business coaches, holistic healing practitioners, artists and musicians as well as children, from all over the world. They are known as Isa and Yolanda or Yolisa by their students.

Deeply spiritual, with a connection to Spirit Most High/God/Source of All That Is, Dr Lindwall was told during meditation that he was given the “Key to healing”.
He was the first person to discover that using the words “I release…” followed by the negative thought, feeling or decision, for example, ” I release my fear…” had a most powerful positive effect on a person’s mental, emotional and physical health.


A powerful medical intuitive and clairvoyant extraordinaire, Dr Lindwall did not require x-rays to see the imbalances in his patients’ bodies and was proven to be accurate in his sight.
He could also see what a person had to release emotionally or mentally in order to heal their bodies and in this way, immediate and profound healings would occur.
In the early years, Dr. Lindwall had a patient who was blind since birth. After repeating ‘Releasing Statements” that he suggested to her, she regained her vision almost immediately and was able to see the numbers on the telephone next to her in the clinic.

Many similar cases followed where people experienced extremely fast physical and emotional healing. Dr. Isa Lindwall and his wife Yolanda developed the Lindwall Releasing® process and facilitated often miraculous healings with thousands of people as well as teaching this process which led to many invitations to give Releasing Workshops all over the world. They had personally worked in the U.S. and 39 other countries for more than 25 years. Dr Lindwall left his body peacefully in 2007. He is deeply and profoundly missed. Yolanda Lindwall is still here with us on this planet as a most beautiful example and instrument of love, light, strength, wisdom and service to all life. Lindwall Releasing® has been introduced in over 40 countries.

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The Releasing Process

In a Releasing process, the facilitator guides and supports the person through the session to surface themes of disturbance, to release and transform them and to make decisions that are in alignment with the person’s True Self through a series of steps:


State of Relaxation:

  • The person who releases lies down or sits in a comfortable position.
    • In a relaxed state one has easier excess to the inner Self, to one’s emotions, intuition and even unconscious memories. (It is nota state of hypnosis.)



Surfacing of Issues:

  • The facilitator gives the suggestion to allow the memories, thoughts and feelings to surface that are connected to the issues that are most important at this time to be released and healed.
  • The facilitator also suggests to the releasing person to not judge any of the memories, thoughts and feelings that come up, as self-judgement often creates a tendency to suppress inner emotions.


In Touch with Inner Self:

  • The facilitator asks questions to help him/her to get in touch with his/her inner self and to focus on the process:
    1. What do you feel? How does your body feel?
    2. What memories or images come to your mind?
    3. What age were you when you felt this or experienced this?
    4. How did you experience this or what happened?
    5. How did you feel about that?
    6. What were your thoughts about this?


Speaking Releasing Statements:

  • The facilitator asks the releasing person to speak Releasing Statements like:
    1. “I release my anger…..(or fear, grief, rage, guilt, disappointment etc).”
    2. “I release my decision to never forgive myself…..(or other negative decisions)”
    3. “I release my belief that I’m not worthy…..(or other limiting beliefs and concepts)”



Making New Decisions:

  • After the constraining emotions are released and drained, the person is invited to make new choices and decisions (always with respect of her/his free will) that are in alignment with the person’s True Self in order to empower and confirm the transformation.

Once we have learned the releasing process we can practice it alone or with the assistance of a trained Releasing facilitator, either in a workshop or individually with a facilitator.

**The experiences during the Releasing process vary with each individual.