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About Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer




The Beginning

Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer are masters in their field, effecting deep profound healing and consciousness shifts in individuals and groups around the world.

In 1999, they brought the Lindwall Releasing method, with the blessings of the founders Dr. E.E. Isa and Ruth Yolanda Lindwall, to Singapore and South East Asia. Together, they have 36 years of experience with working with people of different nationalities, religions, races and cultures.


Excellerated Business School

Heiko & Selina are also instructors for Excellerated Business Schools, in The Business School for Entrepreneurs, facilitating the clearing of mental and emotional blocks for hundreds of CEOs and business people.




Search for truth was present since an early age.

Later as a teenager, he realized and experienced that, as he wrote, “The Divine Presence is perfectly present within everybody. It just “lies unrevealed” beneath layers that don’t seem to let the Light of the Divine shine through. When all the layers are released, the True Divine Being of everyone shines forth.”

He experienced Awakening at the age of 20, during an intensive period of meditation. Shortly after that he met his teachers Dr Isa Lindwall and Yolanda Lindwall from whom he learned the Lindwall Releasing technique.



At the age of 25, he experienced an awakening and rising of his Spiritual Energy and a vast blooming of his inner gifts accompanied by years of intense inner transformation.

Here are some video’s of masters sharing their experience of similar Kundalini experience: Gopi Krishna and best selling author, David Hawkins.



inner calling started early in life and intensified in her late teens. Spontaneous realisations of Divine Truth and profound spiritual experiences in this period of her teens awakened in her a deep desire to serve The Source of All That Is.

This desire eventually focused itself into a search for a tool that would bring a core healing to people on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. She found that tool in the profound Lindwall Releasing technique. This led to the rapid blossoming of her intuition and other gifts through her own intense inner transformation. In addition to working with Heiko in private sessions and in their retreats, she also gives Soul Readings to private individuals on request.


They met in 1999, shortly before starting to spread Lindwall Releasing in Asia and toured with Dr Lindwall and his wife, Yolanda through Egypt, Peru, Germany and Brittany to assist them in their workshops and to learn from them.

Besides being blessed with a common purpose to benefit humanity and all of Life through their work together, Heiko and Selina also share their passion for art by painting together on the same canvases.
Heiko & Selina’s art www.heikoselina.com


Touring with the Founders


Touring with, working and assisting the founders, the late Dr Isa Lindwall and his wife, Ruth Yolanda Lindwall in South America, Germany and France, they have worked successfully with individuals, couples and groups in these countries and in USA and the UK. They have witnessed the healing of relationships, dis-eased bodies and minds going through lasting healing, and businesses growing in success through the Lindwall Releasing technique all over the world.

The tremendous success and results of their work have brought invitations to facilitate workshops in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.[/tab][/tabcontent] [/tabs]