Our beloved teachers Dr Isa and Yolanda Lindwall gave us this invaluable Releasing Statement 10 years ago that balanced our right and left brain hemispheres. We felt a discernible physical shift and sensation in our brains immediately and still do every time we repeat this for someone in a session or with a group. Highly developed intuition (right brain) coupled with logic and factual knowledge (left brain). Clearer minds. Your IQs should make a jump! Here it is for all of you with our love.

Say out loud:

“I release all programs to only trust the information from my left brain and never to trust the information from my right brain. So it is.

I release all programs that information from my right brain only gets me into trouble. So it is.

I make a new program now to open to and to fully trust all information from my right brain and to translate that information to my left brain and in the output. So it is.I release to separate the two halves of my brain.
I release to fight my right brain with my left brain and to fight my left brain with my right brain.
I acknowledge that I have ONE brain. So it is.”