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Corporate Programs

Fostering Teamwork

The Releasing process can greatly help transform a corporate environment and resolves issues like lack of team spirit at the workplace, inability to meet job demands, over work-load, confrontation with authority and conflicts with superiors, subordinates and management and various family problems, health problems and career problems, etc. When highly skilled people are happier and more at peace, not just their effectiveness naturally expands but their ability and passion to add value broadens. In the long run people need to feel that they fulfil their purpose and not just perform well.

Supporting Employees

Our programs for companies and corporations include personal private Releasing sessions to support employees, managers, directors to resolve and deal with certain personal issues from their private and corporate lives and solve interpersonal and decision problems.

“Experiencing the Releasing process with Heiko and Selina in many private sessions and workshops with Heiko and Selina has brought great essential changes to my life ever since my first Releasing experience. These changes apply to me as well as for my company. I know that Releasing has contributed greatly to my personal growth and has helped to take me to this point in my life and business. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Wendy Tan
CEO, Gobe Engineering Sdn Bhd

Closing The Gaps


Spend 4 hours playing games where full participation will show you that how you play the games is how you “play” your relationships. In the debrief, you will gain great clarity about yourself and your significant other. Heiko and Selina will then release with you the negative programs that you have been running on that are causing disharmony in your love life.


3 hours releasing the conscious and subconscious negative programming and beliefs surrounding Money and abundance.

2-Day Intensive Program

The Power of Releasing 2-Day Intensive Program Experiential/Learning Workshop

Coming soon…

This is a workshop where participants will learn how to do the Lindwall Releasing process for themselves and with another person.

They will also have 2 full sessions of Releasing their personal deep-seated issues like fears and painful emotions or feeling stuck in their relationships, careers, health, etc. And 2 full sessions learning to release with another person.

A must-attend program for all who want to learn to release with others.


Activate Your Heart-Drive

Group Session (3 hrs)

In this program, we release with the participants as a group, the most common issues pertaining to the group. The participants are encouraged to express their suppressed or buried emotions. We provide them with the appropriate Releasing Statements that also release past limiting decisions they may have consciously or unconsciously made that still run their lives in a negative or limiting way. We also release with them their emotional pain and mental programming that contribute to their pain or struggle.

It was simply powerful for me

I’m one of the blessed few who attended Heiko & Selina’s “Activating your Heart Drive” group session yesterday, and oh my god.. it was simply powerful for me… As Heiko said, I was able to “delete” some major “trojan viruses” in my system! I have been allowing them to destroy me in the past in so many ways that I didn’t even realise.. I’m really happy that I was able to let go of a large part of the negative thoughts and emotions that were stuck there for so many years…I would definitely recommend H&S to everyone as I feel that the value one can get out it is unimaginable… To me, Releasing is an easy yet brilliant technique that I can use it on a daily basis. Thank you H&S!

Joanne Ang

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