A weekend in heaven on earth.

A weekend in heaven on earth. 
There were six of us. Five came from Singapore and the beauty of the setting of Maycliff bungalow was a welcome relief from the city. I live on Tioman so have that beauty everyday yet what made the setting magickal was one essential (an essence) ingredient, entirely missing from Tioman and most of the world, and that is unconditional love. It occurred to me at the end of the workshop that I had never, ever, in this life-time, been in a place of unconditional, accepting, freely flowing, ever-laughing love before. If that was the case then it ought to have felt strange or different or special. It didn't. It felt the most natural thing in the world. It is natural. 

When the five from Singapore exploded from Antares' van that had brought them the last leg of the journey, there were hugs of meeting all round. I hugged with the holding back hugs that were hugs for me, not easy. I want to jump from those first moments to being already back in the world of my everyday life.... 
The gift they bestow is so real, so universally acceptable, that once you've received it, it is yours for ever and nothing and no-one and the whole lost and hurting fake reality we accept as true cannot touch it. This was my first spiritual retreat.... The weekend work shop was my first paddle in the waters of a reality that has surrounded me but I have not dared to dip my toe in. It ought to have felt strange, or a little frightening. It didn't. I felt like an amphibious creature that had dried out on the land too long and found only joy to be in the water. There were two parts to the wetting I received; there was the water itself, the unconditional, over-flowing acceptance and love from Selina and Heiko that set up a resonation in all of us and then there was the process of releasing itself which is an encouragement to open one's mouth and drink of the healing medicine of love. 

The process of releasing Heiko likens to a bit of computer maintenance. We all clean up our computers from time to time. We use the disc clean-up program, we de-fragment the hard disc, we scan for viruses, we even dump old programs we don't use any more or install a new program or upgrade. How do you know what maintenance is required. It's easy. Problems in your life lead naturally to the false programming creating them. Identify a hurt, an anger or any other upsetting feeling, and we already have the basic keys, a print out of the program. This is the stage where Heiko and Selina, with their experience of releasing but especially with their trust in and familiarity with the voice of the Universal Intelligence, the Spirit of all life, can facilitate the cleaning process. They are cleaning-deleting-updating wizards. 

For some participants the releasing work can lead to instant transformations when old hurts that have paralyzed a life are instantly healed. For some, problems that are layers and layers deep may take more time and perhaps require years of slowly peeling back the layers (Universal Love knows how much we can work with at one time) but which ever is the case there is a beautiful feeling of peace with oneself at the end of a session. Another image that Heiko uses is that of the iceberg. Only a little is visible on the surface. It's a brilliant metaphor as ice is only frozen water. As you expose the tip to the sun, to the warmth of love, it melts and the iceberg rises a few degrees in the water. If you know how to part the clouds and let in the sun the process of returning the iceberg to the ocean it came from can be speeded up. Selina and Heiko not only know how to steer you to the gaps in the clouds, they are channels for the sun itself and they are dedicating their lives to iceberg work and global heart-warming. No need to fear the effects of their global warming, their raising of consciousness to Love! When their work, and others doing this same work in many different ways, is complete, there will be no more icebergs to sink the Titanics we each are captains of, in the vast oceans of life. 

There was another unexpected gift for me of such importance and power, that I will always treasure these 3 days at magickriver with Selina and Heiko as the moment I emerged from Murk Wood into the sunshine. I had thought I would be only releasing old hurts and old beliefs but I didn't know I was also to receive the blessing of certainty. I have spent many years on the intellectual trail for truth, a left brain search. I had neglected the trail of feelings though, in fact, I had shut down my right brain out of fear for its power. Perhaps it was a combination of having reached as far as intellect can go and then being in the resonance of Selina and Heiko's Knowing, perhaps an outcome of finally flexing both legs, but I found myself standing in the Presence of Truth. I have no doubts that Truth Is, Love Is, Life Is and there is nothing else, just our feeble attempts to escape from it in fear of its awesomeness. Selina even recommended a left brain book about the mechanism (Power vs Force by David Hawkins). 

I have come away knowing Truth Is, Love Is and there ain't nothing I can do against it, thank god. I'm laughing, dancing, smiling and shouting with all my heart "Don't ever doubt or be afraid of Life. Trust it. It KNOWS!" I have always doubted, I have always been suspicious that we could cock-up and make a mess. "Have no fear" used to make no sense to me, now I feel empowered knowing there is nothing to fear. 

This weekend was a huge "yes" to my small, confused self, which senses it knows but doubted this. "Trust your knowing" the All Knowing said gently in my left ear. What is love? I thought I didn't know. Now I know I know. It is everything that feels good. Love is not lights and bells, something extraordinary, it is so simple and all pervasive. The feeling of pleasure for sun on skin is love from the sun, love from my mind to my body in making sure the clothes are removed so skin can feel the pleasure, and love from the skin back again. The skin feels it and the consciousness that is aware of the feeling is completing a sublime circle from Source, through the material back to Source. Sun and skin and awareness. Just allow the connection! And that goes for all of my life. Look for the programs that are blocking allowing the circuit of mind, body and soul to connect and let the energy flow and light up. 

I for one have been limiting my knowing I am loved by narrowing what I considered Love. This weekend I got my first experience of broad band Love. Love is pouring Itself out and I have sat there under my umbrella of fear wondering why no one loved me, why love was so difficult, why I was so alone. 
How do Selina and Heiko work magick? When you meet them the first thing you notice is they have no umbrella of fear! You can't help but peek out from under your own to see what it feels like and it feels so goooooooood, you throw the umbrella away. 

I have gone back to my problematic life with great relish! When faced with my husband's questions about the weekend, full of negative emotions coming from his fears, I found I had been inoculated from fear. Instead of his knives cutting me they bounced off my shield of Love and instead of a wound and blood, a soothing balm oozed from the point of contact. Love answered fear and fear left. 

A weekend in heaven on earth? A special experience? Yes but so simple. I know that from now on my job is to spread it by being it wherever I go: unconditional, accepting love. It took Selina and Heiko to make me see that I have this already and have always had it. I had access to an abundance of it when I was born but the world I found myself programmed the hard-disc to block my knowing. I can stop worrying I don't have it, that it doesn't exist, that it might not exist, that I might be so unworthy of it that the great Source might deprive me of it.

Effusive Sooz/Sue