Conversations with Heiko & Selina


Conversations with Heiko and Selina (Episode 7)

Topic: Let’s Keep Talking About Money & Abundance

Date: Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020.

Time: 8pm-9.30pm (GMT +8: Singapore, Malaysia, Perth)

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21 Oct 2020 Let's Keep Talking About Money & Abundance Episode 7

Following our recent webinar, Releasing the 7 Main Obstacles to Money and Abundance, we have decided to open a live Conversation on the topic of Money and Abundance, “Let’s Keep Talking About Money & Abundance”. There’s so much more to unravel.

You are invited to come with your questions. This is also an opportunity to share your personal experiences if you were Live with us on our recent webinar. This session is free-of-charge.

Please do spread the word to your network of family and friends whom you feel would very much appreciate this webinar.
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Testimonials from attendees of previous Q&A Conversations with Heiko and Selina:

  • “Great insights” – Nina, Singapore.
  • “I asked the hosts my burning question and I was astounded & satisfied with the answer replied by the hosts in regards to a disturbing physical conditions that had been with me a few years now. Never expected my underlying issues could be addressed here. Indeed it was accurate!” – Normera Ahmad Jeffri, Malaysia, Mandarin Teacher.
  • “I LOVE the Q&A webinar and have learnt a lot of new knowledge and also reminded of being integrity – say what you mean, mean what you say, being true to oneself, devoted to truth. Thank you Heiko. Thank you Selina.” – Leen, Singapore.
  • “…all webinars were more than well-invested time! …Most of all, I appreciated your advice on how to bring Releasing into a family with children and the importance of a life-long commitment to character-building in order to be as authentic and truthful as possible.” – Frederik, Singapore, Tour-guide.
  • “It was very useful learning about Releasing from the Questions and Answers session. It has helped me to release my own and others too.” – Anonymous, Malaysia.
  • “I like the depth of the responses to the questions… Thank you.” – Anonymous.
  • “I have learnt a lot. Your speaking was clear and easy to follow.” – Mey Thir, Cambodia, Facilitator at Anahearta Healing.
  • “As always, it was very information, helpful and relevant for me. Thank you!” – Amy Loh, Malaysia, Marketer, Trainer, Instructor.

Testimonials from attendees of the webinar, Releasing the 7 Main Obstacles to Money and Abundance:

  • “Brilliant. I had quite a few breakthroughs and learned so much that I can also use in service of my coaching clients. I loved the idea of visualising money as a woman – and for apologising for damning and damming her. I slept so well afterwards and woke up so positive this morning. Thank you Heiko & Selina.” – Georgina Halabi
  • Thank you Heiko & Selina for always giving more than you were supposed to. This session taught me a lot about the issues we have with money. It wasn’t how I always supposed it was or more accurately it’s not as simplistic as just a sense of lack or that money is evil. I think only with the Releasing method will we be able to dive deep, layer by layer and reach the root / roots of our problems with money and abundance.
    The 2 most profound / impactful Releasing for me were the visualisation of money as a feminine energy as well as releasing the fear of not having enough money in unprecedented times like this. I felt for the first time the energy of money, how gentle, giving and fluid she is. It was beautiful.
    I felt the shift and I am definitely feeling the overall effect of this long and intense session on my entire being. Once more, thank you both so much. Love you both!” – Amy Loh
  • “You tackled our preconceptions on wealth from so many unexpected angles like pride in being poor. We loved that. The two of you have always been extremely astute in picking up what we all need at that point in time and the points that you made were profound. We also found the personification of money extremely powerful and it will stay with us as a life practice. Thank you so much for being our guides in clearing these programs that are holding us back.” – Darryl and Grace


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Heiko & Selina_facilitators of this webinar

About the Facilitators: Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

For the last two decades, Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer have been working together with multitudes of individuals from around the world, freeing their hearts and minds from pain and suffering and giving new purpose, clarity and personal power in their lives.

Heiko and Selina were taught and mentored by Dr E.E. Isa Lindwall and his wife, Ruth Yolanda Lindwall, who are the founders of the Lindwall Releasing process. Since then, their work has touched and changed the lives of people from all walks of life from 39 countries.

Wholeheartedly dedicating their lives to healing and empowering others around them, Heiko and Selina regularly conduct private sessions, group workshops and powerful intensive retreats all over the world. They have also extended their services to providing seminars for business entrepreneurs in China and Malaysia and hosting webinars on various vital topics that pertain to the human condition and painful limitations.

Heiko and Selina are now recognised as among the most experienced Releasers and Releasing teachers in the world and have been invited to host as well as guest in seminars in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Europe. Word of their success continues to spread as they have also given interviews on Radio BFM Malaysia, as well as making several appearances on NTV7, The Breakfast Show in Malaysia.

They are also heavily involved in volunteer work, reaching out to the less fortunate to help them seek better paths in their lives, or break free from physical and mental bondage that threaten to harm themselves or their loved ones around them. Past beneficiaries include drug addicts from The Breakthrough Center in Kuala Lumpur and domestic workers and women who suffer domestic abuse.


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