Mothers & Daughters: Healing 7 Key Areas of Conflict

Mothers & Daughters: Healing 7 Key Areas of Conflict

For A Healthier and More Loving Relationship


Healing with Loved Ones – Family Releasing Series

Mothers & Daughters

Healing 7 Key Areas of Conflict

Date: 7 November 2020, Saturday

Time: 8 pm – 10.30 pm (GMT +8, Singapore, Malaysia, Perth)*

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* as this is a dynamic process, we may extend another 30-60 mins if needed

One-month-streaming-access to the recordings of the webinar will be made available within 7 days after the live webinar to all registrants who have completed the registration process.

Venue: Online, via Zoom

Fee: USD37

Releasing Facilitators: Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer 


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Two women. Credits: Roxxie Blackham: Unsplash.
Almost everyone who is a daughter would be aware of the push-pull dynamics with her mother. Of desiring for her love and approval and yet often being resistant and opposed to her ideas, words and energy.

Many mother-daughter relationships are fraught with conflict, anger, resentment, bitterness, pain and even hatred. 

Blessed are those who have a loving, supportive, nurturing and harmonious relationship with this most important person who gave us life, from whose body we spring.

Mother is the representative of all that is Female and plays a Key role in a woman’s relationship with all other females and female authority figures. Mother represents the Feminine Principle. To be in harmony with the Feminine Principle is to awaken and be confident in one’s creativity and compassionate healing power and ability. It bestows upon a woman innate authority and self-confidence, feminine grace, personal power and true self-expression.

Ladies. Credit: Srimathi Jayaprakash. Unsplash.In this webinar, we will bring to the surface to confront and release vital relationship patterns of conflict between mothers and their daughters. 

You can attend alone or with your mother. As you journey through your process and integrate your understanding of the conflicts and release them, you will go through an important shift that will positively impact all your female relationships, heal your innate identity as a woman, heal your female body and most importantly come into balance with your mother and with your daughter, if you have one.

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We will unravel and Release the common causes relevant to this relationship, of

1) Personal boundaries being encroached upon or disrespected 

2) Abuse, judgement and criticism

3) Subtle competition leading to the playing out of inferior and superior roles

4) Controlling mother or daughter

5) Early separation and disconnection from infancy or childhood

6) Fighting and drama/trauma

7) Anger, hatred and unforgiveness for past actions of mother, daughter and mother-in-law


Mother & Daughters posing together. Credits: Gabriel Tovar, Unsplash.

Who should Attend:

  • Mothers who feel they cannot connect with their daughters
  • Mothers who are angry with their daughters 
  • Mothers who are angry but are not sure why their anger is disproportionate to the behaviour of their daughters
  • Mothers who are afraid to offend their daughters
  • Mothers and daughters who feel the other is overpowering and controlling 
  • Mothers and daughters who see each other as the enemy and are constantly fighting
  • Daughters who are angry and impatient with and resent their mothers
  • Daughters who often feel they are never good enough no matter how accomplished they are or do their best to please their mothers
  • Daughters who are needy of their mother’s approval
  • Mothers and daughters who are judgemental and critical of each other
  • Daughters who feel dismissed, disconnected and distant from their mothers
  • Daughters who feel traumatised my mother’s constant drama
  • Daughters who feel over-responsible for their mothers and feel a need to take care of them
  • Women who struggle with authority
  • Women who have chronic physical issues with the left side of their bodies, with their reproductive organs and their breasts


“Set yourself free, love yourself.”

The Benefits of Releasing



Mother with her daughter. Credit: Shari-Sirotnak-unsplash 
What Can Happen After The Webinar:

  • Lightness in the heart like a heavy weight has been lifted
  • Understanding and forgiveness between mother and daughter
  • Reconnection and blooming of the mother-daughter bond
  • A healthier and more harmonious relationship for the present and the future
  • Deeper connection to other women 
  • Receiving more love and support from other women
  • Experiencing the world as a more forgiving, loving, abundant and nurturing place
  • Heal and strengthen the left side of your body and reproductive organs.


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Women at the beach smiling. Credits: Jackie Parker. Unsplash.Testimonials

Real stories from people who have worked on Releasing on Mother-Child issues in retreats or sessions:


“I went and had dinner with Mum tonight, have spoken a couple times since I got back from the Releasing Retreat but this was the first time to catch up. I was anxious as she is often very disapproving of my activities when she doesn’t understand them. So this afternoon I released the fear and anxiety that I would revert to old patterns with her. 

I released feeling that I had to please her. I released involving myself in her emotions and beliefs about me. And you know what, we had a very nice evening. She made a lovely meal for us and was not harsh or judging at all, just pleased to see me. Amazed!” – Karen Stone


“I’m on a staycation with my mum and my little daughter. I’ve never ever ever had a greater time than this with my mum and it’s really all thanks to a Releasing session I had about my relationship with her. 

Our interaction had always frustrated my mother and despite being irritated or angry with me, she never brought up her issues with me. This led to building up inner resentment on her part and me never understanding why she was always so quick to be angry.

In my session I found out the root causes of her anger with me and  once I released all that, miraculously she doesn’t have such issues with me anymore. Now we are sharing a room on a holiday together!”  Maria Fernandes


“I’ve recently become very, very close to my mother by removing the fences we both built around our hearts through Releasing. Now, my mother relies heavily on me and calls me “her rock”.– Olivia Tan


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Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer

About Heiko & Selina

For the last two decades, Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer have been working together with multitudes of individuals from around the world, freeing their hearts and minds from pain and suffering and giving new purpose, clarity and personal power in their lives.

Heiko and Selina were taught and mentored by Dr E.E. Isa Lindwall and his wife, Ruth Yolanda Lindwall, who are the founders of the Lindwall Releasing process. Since then, their work has touched and changed the lives of people from all walks of life from 39 countries.

Wholeheartedly dedicating their lives to healing and empowering others around them, Heiko and Selina regularly conduct private sessions, group workshops and powerful intensive retreats all over the world. They have also extended their services to providing seminars for business entrepreneurs in China and Malaysia and hosting webinars on various vital topics that pertain to the human condition and painful limitations.

More Testimonials

This Releasing webinar is a practical online workshop that is experiential.

Results experienced by some of our participants at previous Releasing webinars:

Had an impactful experience Releasing via Zoom

The personal power event was spectacular. The process was very good, I got a full impact Releasing results and went through some major changes THANK YOU so much really needed that.

The (Global Releasing Webinar) series: at first I was a bit skeptical about Releasing via Zoom. I didn’t think I could receive the essences or full benefit, However, you proved me wrong. I had an impactful experience and was amazed by the results, better yet, I listened to #1 (Overcoming Fear of Failure) and #3 (Stepping into Your Personal Power) again and found great benefit from the second time releasing. I think you are on to something great by leveraging the zoom platform to your benefit. GOD BLESS YOU.

Johnny Moreno

The webinar series helps me a lot

I really love the webinar series. It really helps me a lot.

Aida Amanda Atan
Business Owner

Very liberating and freeing

Good evening, I was excited to experience the webinar and practice the Releasing Statements. I found by repeating these Releasing Statements out loud and clearing some stuck emotions very liberating and freeing I am feeling much lighter and much happier with myself after releasing! So excited for next Saturday's webinar! So grateful to be participating with Heiko & Selina for this webinar. I felt safe and able to release deep-held limiting beliefs and loved being a part of this!
Thank you so much.

Beauty Therapist

I had quite a few breakthroughs...

Brilliant. I had quite a few breakthroughs and learned so much that I can also use in service of my coaching clients. I loved the idea of visualising money as a woman - and for apologising for damning and damming her. I slept so well afterwards and woke up so positive this morning. Thank you Heiko & Selina.

Georgina Halabi

I felt the shift...

Thank you Heiko & Selina for always giving more than you were supposed to. This session taught me a lot about the issues we have with money. It wasn't how I always supposed it was or more accurately it's not as simplistic as just a sense of lack or that money is evil. I think only with the Releasing method will we be able to dive deep, layer by layer and reach the root / roots of our problems with money and abundance. The 2 most profound / impactful Releasing for me were the visualisation of money as a feminine energy as well as releasing the fear of not having enough money in unprecedented times like this. I felt for the first time the energy of money, how gentle, giving and fluid she is. It was beautiful. I felt the shift and I am definitely feeling the overall effect of this long and intense session on my entire being. Once more, thank you both so much. Love you both!

Amy Loh

Extremely astute in picking up what we all need at that point in time

You tackled our preconceptions on wealth from so many unexpected angles like pride in being poor. We loved that. The two of you have always been extremely astute in picking up what we all need at that point in time and the points that you made were profound. We also found the personification of money extremely powerful and it will stay with us as a life practice. Thank you so much for being our guides in clearing these programs that are holding us back.

Darryl and Grace

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Two ladies in a quiet space. Credits: Chistina Wocintechchat. Unsplash.

For the best experience,

  • Please be fully present during the webinar, uninterrupted for the entire Releasing Process. Preferably, be at a quiet and private space during the webinar, and put your mobile devices on silent mode.
  • Speak the Releasing Statements aloud as you hear them for maximum results.
  • During the Releasing Process, please be somewhere where you can lie down or be seated comfortably.
  • Some people have found it helpful to have easy access to tissue paper during the Releasing Process.

Technical issues to take note of:

  • Ensure you have access to stable internet connection. Minimum bandwidth of 600kbps.
  • Please have your Paypal account login details ready when you register. Ensure that your email address is entered correctly. It is recommended that you enable Pop-up for the web browser when you register. You will receive the Zoom link automatically once registration & payment is completed. Please check the registered email, including the spam/junk/promotions/social email-filters, for the Zoom link upon successful completion of registration & payment. For administrative support, please email: [email protected]. Thank you.
  • If you were to require support with using PayPal, please visit: What can I do if I can’t log in to my PayPal account and Paypal Help Guide.


Two women looking at the screen of a Macbook. Credits: Christina - Unsplash.And don’t worry if these dates/ time don’t work with your schedule as…

You’ll Also Get Digital Access to the Workshop Recordings.

This way, even if you can’t attend LIVE, you can still sign up and get all of the value of this webinar. One-month-streaming-access to the recordings of the webinar will be made available within 7 days after the live webinar to all registrants (who have completed the registration process). Details will be sent via the registered email address after the live webinar.


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