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Spirit for Future

Spirit for Future

Tue, 12 Oct 2021

10 pm SGT

With all the uncertainties, divisions, fears and chaos in the world today, we are preparing to gather together to envision a world of ONEness and unity on our late co-founder, Yolanda Lindwall’s birthday.

You are all lovingly invited to join us and the Releasing Family from around the world, many of whom were also direct students of Isa and Yolanda Lindwall for many years.

Let us come together in love and be in the Presence of Love as we share, release and co-create the future!


Credit: Video produced by Stephen Marcus and Barbara Kroll.


This International Releasing Call is complimentary and will be held via Zoom. Please register for the call to attend. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your participation in the meeting. Please do look for the email under your spam or junk mail folders in case you don’t see it.

The agenda and more details can be found below.

International time: 7am (San Francisco) | 9am (Mexico City) | 10am (Atlanta, New York) | 3 pm (London) | 4pm (Berlin, Cape Town) | 9pm (Cambodia, Vietnam) | 10pm (Singapore, Malaysia) | Find your local time

“Set yourself free, love yourself.”

Spirit for Future

Our focus questions for this International Releasing Call will be:

What is our ONE vision?

What needs to be transformed to truly sense and hold a vision together, which sees the world in harmony?

Which events in the world are touching your soul?

Which role can our International Releasing Community have, when climate related events increase and other disruptive staff as well?


Event preparation team: Henrik, Petra, Gabriella & Peter, Selina & Heiko, Barbara & Stephen

Click here for the details and agenda.

What's included when you sign up:

Please refer to the agenda (Timings are in Berlin’s time. Find your local time)

Agenda for Spirit for Future

Click here for the details and agenda.


What preparation would I need?

This call will be held via Zoom. Please register to attend this call. You will need access to stable internet connection, with a minimum bandwidth of 4.0Mbps.

In the event that you wish to prepare for this call, you may refer to the agenda for more details. Be prepared to turn on your audio when appropriate. You are encouraged to turn your video-camera on during this call.