Releasing Process

  • Q: Is releasing yoga or meditation?

    No, it is not.

  • Q: Does releasing involve physical touch?

    No, it does not. Releasing uses the power of words.

  • Q: Is releasing energy work?

    Releasing is also a form of energy work as your energy system is shifted, upgraded and refined through letting go of energetic blockages that stem from suppressed emotional issues and negative mental programming and beliefs.

  • Q: Is it hypnosis or trance?

    No, it is not. You are “counted down” into a relaxed state but it is not hypnosis and you are not in a trance.

  • Q: Is this regression?

    Regression is a part of the process as we trace an issue to its root or beginning. The root cause of an issue can lie anywhere along your personal time line, which might go back to the buried memories in your mother’s womb and beyond.

  • Q: Is releasing religious?

    This is non-religious. We have worked successfully with Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Hindu, Buddhists, Taoists and people from many other religious beliefs and backgrounds.

  • Q: Can I learn Releasing myself?

    Yes, you can learn it at our retreats where not only will you be releasing your personal issues but we will teach you the basic steps of how to release with yourself and others.

  • Q: Do I always have to do this with a partner or with you? Can I use the technique by myself?

    You can release without a partner, on your own.

  • Q: How long will I take to release my issue?

    It depends on the issue, how large or complex are the roots of the issue? Some seemingly complex topics like Clinical Depression can surprisingly heal in a very short time when the reason for the depression is found. Eg, we had a lady who had clinical depression for 5 years who healed in 20 minutes.

  • Q: Can I release for someone else?

    Yes you can. The Lindwall Releasing technique has proven to be highly effective for this and there are clear results that when you release for someone the specific subject that is released stays released. This can be done if the soul of the person allows you to do it for him/her.

  • Q: Do you go into past lives?

    We go to the root of the issue and if it lies in a past life, that lifetime will surface to be looked at and experienced so whatever needs to cleared in that lifetime can be released and forgiven.

  • Q: Do I need to believe in past lives in order to release?

    This is not required. If thoughts and images come to the surface of the mind, and you don’t remember that you have ever had a similar experience in your life, you can also choose to see it as your subconscious mind giving you a story that you can comprehend and wherein you can identify things to release or let go off. What is most important is the final result of the releasing, in a person’s life after the session.

Releasing Sessions

  • Q: How many releasing sessions do I need?

    We usually recommend at least 3 sessions over a period of time so that you can experience a great shift in your life situation. However, even one session can often resolve a long-standing issue. Clients often decide to do more than 3 sessions as they find the process highly effective in resolving and healing many different areas of their lives.

  • Q: Will I be able to clear everything in one session?

    It is not possible to heal and clear every suppressed emotional pain or programming, all the “baggage” that you have accumulated over 20 years and much more. However, you can heal and clear in a 2hr private session, what might take you a whole life to heal or maybe never heal.

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