Guilt is a useless emotion and state of being. Guilt binds you like a vice and closes your heart with shame and fear of punishment. Guilt screams at you to run away and not acknowledge responsibility for your actions. It whispers to you to hide from Love, telling you that you no longer deserve any form of Love. If you feel that you cannot let yourself off the hook so easily after what you have done and insist on holding on to your guilt to punish yourself, be sure that you have not learned the great lesson contained in your so-called unforgivable actions or words. Guilt is your great obstacle. Shame is its sidekick. True Remorse on the other hand, opens your heart and allows love and forgiveness to flow into your life and your body. It unfolds your wings for the first flap of Freedom.


Say out loud:

I release all programs to only trust the information from my left brain and never to trust the information from my right brain. So it is.


I release all self-judgement, self-condemnation and self-punishment for hurting and harming others through the misuse of my thoughts, words and actions.


I release my idea and belief that what I had done is unforgivable.


I release my conviction that I am guilty and no longer deserve to be loved by anybody.


And I release to insist on holding on to my guilt and shame to punish myself and to show that I am sorry. I let that go now.


So it is.


I take responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions that have hurt and harmed others.


I choose now to ask for forgiveness from all the souls that i have ever hurt or harmed.


I open myself to see that I did my best with the consciousness, knowledge and programing that I had at that time. If I had known better I would have done better.


I open myself for the lessons contained in those situations and now that I know better, I choose to do better.


I release all resistance to forgive myself. I forgive myself now.


I open my heart again to love myself and give myself permission to be loved.