Selina and Heiko Niedermeyer are a loving couple who truly believe in helping people.

Selina and Heiko Niedermeyer are a loving couple who truly believe in helping people. I am one of the many people that they have helped through their RELEASING workshops and one-on-one Releasing therapy sessions.

I came to Selina and Heiko in year 2000 at a point in my life when my I was lacking direction and satisfaction in my career. Even though things appeared alright on the surface, I lacked confidence and self-esteem as a result of a traumatic setback in my life in 1996. Through a one-on-one Releasing session, I came to realise that I had suppressed my shock, anger, hurts and fears in the last four years while trying to cope with the trauma and changes in my life.

I was unconsciously blaming myself for the mistakes I had made which caused my career to crash in 1996. Even though my logical mind willed me to move on (which, to a large part, I did), at a personal level painful memories kept haunting me and prevented me from living fully as a person. They affected my view of the world, my relationships, my confidence and self-esteem. The irony was, while everyone else forgave me, I did not forgive myself and was secretly punishing and beating myself up in my mind. I was not even conscious about this until a Releasing session made me realize what was happening. Selina and Heiko helped me to let go of these negative emotions during that break-through session after which I felt relieved, unburdened and strengthened.

Until I released the negative deep-seated emotions such blame, anger, frustration, fear and self-hatred, I was like a lost boat floating aimlessly in the sea of life. Externally, I appeared OK - just floating and existing. Internally, I was in quiet chaos with no sense of what I was doing or where I was going in my life.

Releasing gave me a major sense of relief. After just one session with Selina and Heiko, I received calmness, clarity and added strength to move on with my life. I began to be gentle with myself and the people around me. It gave me the strength to forgive others as I forgave myself and took responsibility to pick up the pieces and move on.

While my career began to take off once again and my job was going well, I was deeply hurt emotionally in October 2000 when my partner of 12 years wanted to break up with me. The betrayal and emotional pain overwhelmed me to the extent that my friends began to worry for me. On some days I look dazed and lost. I questioned my own sense of judgement and reality as the things and person I held dear to my heart in this 12-year relationship fell apart. It was as if a truck had hit me and I didn’t know what was happening. I tried my best to cope and was able to pull myself together and get on with my life. But deep inside, I intuitively knew that I needed help to Release.

So, I decided to attend a workshop conducted by Selina and Heiko at a beautiful nature retreat at Magick River. The experience was truly magical, enlightening and rejuvenating. I learned so many things about myself and others in the group. I discovered healing energies, pure love, acceptance and a new sense of sensitivity and spirituality. Selina and Heiko are remarkably gifted in being able to decipher and help me come to terms with the issues that I needed to face, the aspects of my life that needed releasing and healing. They helped me to release the “excess baggages” in my life that were weighing me down. They did this with true love, care and a genuine desire to help. They are non-judgemental about any aspect of your life and whatever secrets or sins from your past. They are truly loving spirits and gifted healers trying to help people lead better lives.

As a result of the workshop, I gained the confidence to move on with my life and to fully forgive my partner unconditionally. As a result, we remained the best of friends with my partner even though we decided to move our separate ways. Releasing enabled me to accept that a significant chapter of my life had closed and a new chapter was beginning. Releasing gave me the power to move on with confidence and to conduct my life with dignity and hope, giving and seeking happiness along the way. It helped me to banish fear and depression.

I found the strength to look forward to a better future which to this day, continues to unfold in many positive ways. I feel very blessed to have experienced Releasing and to learn the techniques to perform it. I am also very blessed to know Selina and Heiko whom I recommend to my family and friends very highly.

If you have any issues in your life that is bothering you or that you want to explore further, I highly recommend you to try Releasing. It has helped me and many people and I am confident that it can do wonders for you too!

Harold Tan
General Manager