I had a magical time at Magick River with Selina and Heiko.

I had a magical time at Magick River with Selina and Heiko. I was able to release at a very deep level; and whilst I know that I am still integrating new energies within myself, I also know that I am on the brink of huge success, of being all that I can be, all that I truly am, all that I have never dared to be until now... 

It may be that the time is ripe and one thing or another would have propelled me towards this enormous transformation in any case, but the same compelling destiny brought me to the two of them and this amazingly simple yet powerful technique called Releasing, at a juncture when I am poised to move to a higher level of being.

When I had my first releasing session with Heiko, in a little booth, in the midst of a noisy holistic fair. It was such an uplifting experience. It was an experience that was magnified a hundredfold or more, at Selina and Heiko's retreat the following weekend. There, I admired Selina not only for her loving quality but also for her courage to be real.

The experience was made complete with the presence of the wonderful, warm and loving participants at the retreat. We all thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the place, the purity of the air, the dips in the cool, clear, healing waters of the river, the magic of the night skies that spoke to us, the fun and camaraderie, the deep sharing, Lami's cooking, the trekking through the jungle to the waterfalls, where the energies were so powerful, even several metres away.

I salute you both, Selina and Heiko, for the work that you do, for walking the path that you walk, and I thank you both for creating the space you created for us at Magick River, a space that allowed all of our own magic to happen..."

Helen Lee
Corporate Coach