How to emotionally and mentally deal with a situation of a spreading virus like the Covid-19 virus.

Our health is a result of how much we take care of all aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

And we are healthy and stay healthy when all of them are aligned.

It is not enough to just attend to one of them because they are all interconnected. Just like all of us in the world are interconnected.
The balance of one is the result of the other as they are one. When body, mind and soul are aligned, we are healthy and STRONG because we are balanced internally and in our thoughts, action and lifestyle.

Balance = Healthy

As scientific research has proven, when we are afraid, anxious, worried, in a panic, hysterical or careless, our energy and immune systems are weakened and we become more vulnerable to illness and viruses.
Science, traditional medicine and western medicine have shown that when we keep fearful thoughts and feelings and don’t release them, they fester in our energy system and our immune system weakens.
So it is advisable to release all negative, weakening, disempowering thoughts and feelings to strengthen our energy and immune systems so that our life energy can flow and come back into balance.

People who are familiar with using Releasing statements to bring about inner balance know how effective it can be to use them.

These are some Releasing statements you could say aloud:

I release all fear to be infected by the virus.

I release to feel powerless to protect myself from being infected by a/the virus.
I release my fear to die from a/the virus infection.
I release to take on the fear from other people around me.
I release all fearful thoughts and feelings that I took on from other people and the world around me.

I release all anxiety and fear about being infected by the CoVid19 virus.

I release my fear that the virus will spread through the whole world, that we will all die and the world will end.

I release my fear to be overpowered and destroyed by the coronavirus.

I release all feelings of panic and anxiety hearing and thinking about a spreading virus.
I release my fear and frustration feeling that I have no control over the spread of the virus in my country and around the world.

I release to identify with the fear and panic of all people around the world who are afraid to be infected and destroyed by the CoVid19 virus.

I release to identify with other people’s fear and panic that they have no control over the spread.

I release my fear to be totally overpowered by the virus and the feeling that I have no power over it at all.

I choose to focus on staying healthy.
And I release my need and pattern to only focus on negative news about the virus and choose instead to open myself to get balanced information and news.
I choose to be relaxed and happy at all times, knowing it makes my immunity strong.

So it is!

I release all patterns to neglect my health.

I choose alignment with perfect health now.
I chose to align myself with bliss and happiness.
I choose now to focus on my health.
I choose to give myself all the food, nutrition and vitamins, water, rest, sleep, exercise and protection that I need to be healthy and to strengthen my health, vitality and immune system.
I choose to take all the actions that I need to stay healthy.

I choose to stay aware to do all the possible necessary steps to stay healthy.
I choose to put my attention on being healthy and happy.

So it is.

What else do you feel you need to release?

It is not just to release and not worry but to release the fears and be in a peaceful and balanced state of being. To choose take the actions that need to be taken and to remain calm while you take the actions that are needed. This is being in balance.

PS: If you’re thinking that you might be infected with the Covid19 virus, just go for a check so that you can rest your mind. 😉