We find that many people harbour a secret wish to make an impact on the world, to leave a legacy and be remembered when they are gone for the value they have added to the lives of others. But they struggle against programs that hold them down, hold them small and stuck, with the feeling like they are wading in thick mud. These insidious limiting programs are the illusory prison bars as well as the prison wardens that appear to stop us from breaking free and being the amazing, divine beings we all are.

Speak these Releasing Statements out loud:

I release all programs that I am small and unimportant and that my life is small and unimportant.
I release all programs that I as one individual cannot possibly make a difference in the world.

I release all programs that I do not possess the power, talents, skills or knowledge required to change the world in any way whatsoever.

I release my need to play small and stay small and my decision to do so.

I release all self-judgement, self-blame and self-punishment for playing BIG in the past and then screwing up and hurting or harming others.
And so, I release all decisions I made at that time to never be seen again, to hide myself and to play small. I ask for forgiveness and forgive myself right now!


I open myself to see, to know and to fully realise in every cell of my being that I am connected to all that is, to everything and everyone and that every single thing I do or say or even think has an impact on life around me whether or not I’m aware of it. I choose to be aware of it.

I make a new decision now to step up and into my fullest and highest potential, physically, mentally and spiritually and to increase my capacity to live a life filled with meaning.

I choose to add value and make a positive impact on the lives of others.
I give myself permission now to to have a BIIIIIG impact on the world by adding massive positive value to the lives of all sentient beings, for my highest good and for the highest good of all.

I do. Because I can.

And so it is.