Integrity in Business

We hear around us, many business people saying with great conviction that it’s impossible to do business with integrity. They say that even if they are in integrity, others won’t be and therefore they will lose out. Bribery, corruption, cheating, lying, misrepresenting, fraud…well, it’s a “that’s just how it is” situation if one is to cut a profit.

The only thing you really cut is your core Self. Every little cut into your integrity disintegrates your whole being just that little bit more. An example of a little cut would be manipulating people into buying your product or service through inflating the positives and hiding the weaknesses. Imagine what a big cut would do to you. A big cut would be a core belief that betrayal is really a no no and then cheating your business partner and running off with the profits. Such a cut would result in a defragmentation of the self at a very deep level which will inevitably translate itself in disintegration of the body and mind. Depression and disease are often the direct results of non-integrity to Self.

What use then are those ill-gotten profits which sooner or later, in such cases, fragment and disappear?

We are all tested with situations in business, in relationships and other areas of our lives and Integrity is a subtle and challenging task master. Being aware when we are tested and standing firm to our core values in the face of apparent impending losses will attract to us wonderful people and better business deals that are rooted in integrity. Yes, it’s possible. folks. There are many people who conduct their businesses with integrity. You might never meet them if you continue to walk the path of non-integrity. The two universes shall not converge in your reality.

Most importantly, being at one with Integrity, living and walking your core values brings a peace and joy that pervades your life. You are being your True Self.

Here are some Releasing Statements to help us all.

Say out loud:

I release my programming that it is not possible to be in integrity in the business world.
I release my fear and worry that if I work in integrity in business, I will lose out and my business will fail.


I commit myself to always be in integrity in my business and in my relationships, in all areas of my life.
I open myself to trust that when I am committed to work in integrity in all my business dealings, that I will attract people who are doing the same. I will prosper. I choose that experience and reality.
I ask for clear signs in my body and around me to show me when I am not in integrity so that I can be aware and change my course.

So it is.