Introductory Courses

Introduction to The Power of Releasing

In this Introduction Program, all participants will actively perform a series of muscle tests to test which organs in their bodies are weak. We then give them the Releasing Statements that release the emotional or limiting mental blocks that contribute to the weakness in their muscles or organs. They will find that the technique has an immediate positive effect on their bodies and will test strong.

The Intro Program has given me a further insight

The Intro Program is an experiential program which has given me a further insight on how my accumulated “blockages” have negatively affected my various body parts/muscles.

I would never have known why some of my body parts/muscles were always so tense and feeling a sense of suffocation, if I have not attended the Intro Program, and done muscle testing. For a small fee of S$50, it’s a very affordable program for anyone interested to attend, to get an intro of what Releasing is all about. My body definitely feels lighter and my spirits lifted up after the 3hrs session.

Thank you very much to both of you, Heiko and Selina for conducting this Intro Program!

Angeline Yee

Introduction with Muscle Tests
Module 1 & 2

Free Your Body, Mind and Soul We’ll share the combination of Muscle Tests and Releasing developed by Dr. E.E. Lindwall (founder of Releasing) which have never been brought to Asia before. All participants discover how muscles and organs can be weak through their inner limiting programs and painful feelings. Experience the immediate effects of how The Power of Releasing frees and strengthens their bodies. (Selected muscles and organs will be tested)

If you have attended this Intro workshop before and want to come again to bring a friend or family member you can for Free!

Also, if you attend or have already attended the Intro Workshop and want to attend The Power of Releasing with Muscle Tests – Module 1 and Module 2, the S$50 Intro Workshop fee will be deducted from the Module 1 and Module 2 Workshop price.


How can The Power of Releasing help to give you a Healthier, Stronger Body immediately?

The muscles and organs in our bodies are kept healthy and strong through a natural and smooth flow of energy or chi that circulate through the energy meridians in our bodies.

When we have strong negative thoughts, beliefs or emotions during various phases of our lives, the negative thoughts and emotions often become suppressed and stored in our subconscious mind. They then create a energetic block in our energy meridians. The result of having these blocks is

felt by physical weaknesses and ailments in our bodies.

They can manifest as migraine headaches, neck aches, aching shoulders and back pains, weak knees, heart problems, respiratory problems, etc. Often, physical ailments can lie undetected for many years until they are severe enough to be strongly experienced. By releasing and letting go of specific negative thoughts or feelings that have caused the weakness in parts of the body, the body returns to its natural state of health and strength.

The late Dr Isa Lindwall, the founder of the Lindwall Releasing Technique researched

and developed these series of muscle tests over 25 years. The tests when performed, show the strength and weakness of many important body organs and muscles. The tests are accompanied by practical Releasing to let go of the inherent root mental or emotional cause for the weakness in the organs or muscles. Feel your body becoming stronger and charged with new energy!

Results of muscle and organ strength after using The Power of Releasing can be verified immediately through re-testing. Module 1 & 2 together consists of 23 tests and The Power of Releasing for the main muscular and organ systems in the body.


Muscle-Test Anatomy

Muscles and Organs that will be addressed in Module 1 and Module 2 with examples of the emotions and limiting mindsets that are linked to their weakness:


Heart break, grief, genetic tendencies for weak heart.


Rage against Life and specific situations or individuals.


Blocking personal power and strength.


Resistance to be on Mother Earth.


Guilt, self punishment.


Not connecting with the Body.


Hate being in the physical body.


Self-disgust and fear, guilt and self-judgement.


Limiting self-expression, despair, helplessness.

Sexual Reproductive Organs

(Prostate,Womb, Ovaries) Hate for female/male body and misusing sexual energies, fear of childbirth for women.

Neck Muscles

Feeling forced to live life in a certain way.

Trapeze/Shoulder Muscles

Over-responsibility for others, overwhelmed by life, wanting to give up.

Lower Back Muscles

Blocking personal power.

Lower Stomach Muscles

Feeling like a failure and giving up.


Running away from challenges and life.


Self Blame for not moving in life like you think you should.

Module 1 as well as Module 2 have great value on their own and can be attended independently from each other.

I could feel the releasing in my own body as I repeated the Releasing statements.

I’m so glad that I came today. I had so much value out of this session and gained so much. This work is so far-reaching because it releases a lot of structural imbalances in the body in such a short time.
Sometimes when I work with clients, I come across those that have very blocked energies. With The Power of Releasing, it makes my work so much easier, smoother and more effective. I could feel the releasing in my own body as I repeated the Releasing statements. Using the technique of The Power of Releasing, my clients will see the integration in their bodies so much better.
The Power of Releasing work this Sunday is so essential to a person’s overall body health. I highly recommend that everyone attends if they want a healthier and more balanced Body, Mind and Soul.

May Chin
Professional Certified Rolfer

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