A crucial aspect in my own personal growth.

I'd like to share with you a journey of discovery and self-empowerment that has been crucial aspect in my own personal growth.

There were times when I had felt that many things were just beyond my reach… Have you felt that way too at some point in your life? Walls have been built up, doors and windows were closed to keep me `safe' – not wanting to feel my feelings, to express my thoughts and the emotions my body experiences… afraid to let others near me and to allow myself to receive.

Meeting Heiko and Selina, during the last Money & You in March 2006 was one of the highlights of my life. I was a little skeptical at first about the Power of Releasing. I didn't believe that it could be as simple as saying "I release…" whatever it is I needed to release at that moment in time. Until I saw with my very own eyes how Selina supported a graduate to release some tension at break time!

I could immediately see the changes in the physique and facial expression. Since then I have experience for myself personal and well as group sessions with them. I can't even believe the kind of baggage I've been carrying around all these years which I didn't even know was there… And it feels so good to get the flow of energy back into my life.  I'm not the only one who feels that way… 

The benefits that I've gained from the Power of Releasing is immeasurable…  I'm moved to share this because of the possibilities that could open up everyone. My own parents have gone for a session with Heiko and Selina, and I'm especially overjoyed because it has taken me so long to create this possibility for the people whom I hold dear to my heart… today my dad is whistling a happy tune which he had not done in years.

It is definitely worth it to have the ability to "Release" anywhere, anytime and to share this with someone else – like having first aid at the tip of your tongue! I believe that it will make a big difference in everyone's life as it has in mine and the people around me - if you have not already experienced the Power of Release, take time out and do this for YOU.

Jacy Wee
Marketing Executive