It was a very safe, smooth and effective way to let go of emotional blocks.

I met Selina and Heiko when I was in Singapore for the Synergistic Healing Attunement and was immediately fascinated by the loving atmosphere around them. Their eyes were sparkling and radiating a love which I do not often observe in people, even in groups with people who meditate and are devoted to a spiritual goal. 

I went to their free introduction talk and was very impressed. I was a therapist myself for many years doing releasing in the form of regression and rebirthing therapy. What struck me most was the simplicity of the method. I have experienced how difficult it is to release deep emotional pain, fears and anger in the past life regressions I facilitated, as people tended to remain stuck in their negative emotions and self-pity. The therapy was painful and often going over many months, sometimes years. So I decided to have a Releasing session myself and, once again, I had a wonderful surprise. 

The method is simple and, thanks to the love and sensitivity of both Heiko and Selina, it was a very safe, smooth and effective way to let go of emotional blocks like fear and anger, painful memories and limiting programs. This was the case even when I was guided to some very painful and sensitive issues. I was then allowed to observe the Releasing session with my friend, Pierre. 

I personally saw how he was already changing in his face and in his being during the session. This change remained the days after, as he looked younger and much more relaxed. I had the same experience for myself and I feel like a burden has been lifted. There were some negative emotions and sadness which surfaced for a short time after the session, but I understand that this sometimes happens in the process when the new energies are integrated into my system. However, these negative emotions disappeared very quickly. 

The important thing is the smile, that smile that smiles at myself, that remained, and it feels very good! I could release in one session what would take maybe 5-10 sessions in other therapies (so I feel it is really worth the price!) as usually much more painful emotional issues surface to be resolved and cleared! I feel great and lighter in every way and I know some old patterns have left me for good!

Katharina Bless