About Releasing

What is Lindwall Releasing?

In the 1970s, the late Dr Isa Lindwall and his late wife, Yolanda Lindwall, discovered and developed a powerful process of investigative enquiry to discover the cause and effect of negative, painful emotions as well as limiting beliefs arising in a person’s daily life and an effective method to release the cause so that the effect is transformed.
This process is called Lindwall Releasing or Releasing, for short.

An essential key aspect in the practice of Releasing is that we can release negative emotions,
limiting mind programs, painful decisions, negative thoughts and ideas that we become aware of as well as those that we are unaware of, suppress or deny. This can be done by using Releasing Statements.

As Releasing also uses the power of words through Releasing Statements it can be used in any daily life situation to release poisonous negative thoughts in the moment we become aware of them or when they are intuitively detected even without a deeper process.

Painful and poisonous emotions from many years ago in this current life, karmic root causes from past lives, inherited pain and trauma from our ancestors, and even entities which might be in our energy field can all be released in a deeper process which involves a system of investigation through precise enquiry. This process can be learned. Emotions, if they are there, are allowed and encouraged to come to the surface, to be fully felt and expressed after which Releasing Statements are used.

These statements are spoken aloud and can be conveniently and easily used in any situation that brings a feeling or experience of limitation, struggle or suffering. Even children can be quickly taught to use Releasing Statements to release shock from falling down, fears and emotional pain.

Affirmations that support life and love are then spoken to reprogram the mind positively.

For example: “I release my decision to close my heart to protect my heart from pain. I make a new decision now to fully open my heart again to allow love to enter and heal my heart.”

Or “I release the anger for myself for the mistakes that I made in the past. I release to judge and punish myself and I release my fear to be judged. I choose now to fully forgive myself.“

Many years ago, Dr Lindwall had a female patient who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and who had been blind for three years. Treatment and consultations with 27 doctors did not bring her any relief. To add to her unhappiness, she had also experienced being raped in this life. Upon investigation into the root cause it was found that she had been in a male body in a past life and had raped three females. Subconsciously she had refused to look at what she had done and had instead chosen to destroy her physical body to punish herself. When she opened to see the truth and acknowledged her past actions and asked for forgiveness and forgave herself, her vision returned immediately and her multiple sclerosis was instantly healed. She had made Releasing Statements to release her feelings of guilt and shame, refusal to look at herself, self-hate, her decision to punish herself, etc, and forgave herself. There was no other treatment. Cancer, epilepsy, severe eczema, chronic pains, depression, schizophrenia, phobias, and much more have been healed by only releasing the root causes.

How is it that speaking Releasing Statements can have such a powerful effect on someone’s mind, emotion, body and energies? It is because of how we are designed as consciousness/energy system/ channels/ winds/ brain/ chakras/ nervous system and body, in connection with the whole universe. When we make a Releasing Statement it is a conscious and deliberate choice, just like when we press the “Delete“ button on our computers. When we make that conscious choice, it is because of how we are interfaced in all our systems as mentioned and in connection to the whole universe that the release happens. The choice is made to release the identification with the thought or emotion thus setting the psycho-energetic mechanics in motion all the way throughout the entire mind, heart, body system because of how it is created and connected.

You as a soul or consciousness are the computer operator. The brain is the computer. Our physical body and our life are the printout. So when we say, “I release..,” whatever we release gets deleted and cleared from our energy field, chakras and body cells.

When we delete a virus file or corrupted file from our computer heart drive, the programs come back into function. A 3D printer prints out according to the program stored on the computer. If the program changes, then the printout changes. In the same way, it is possible that when emotional trauma, painful and negative emotions and thoughts are released using the Delete button of our Consciousness that mental, emotional and physical healing can take place in a very short time or even immediately. This process is based on natural law. It is not based on faith.

Essentially, through speaking a Releasing Statement we can reach the deep levels of our consciousness and energy system that are connected to the whole system in such a way that everything can be affected. It is like lifting even the deepest anchor of a ship with a remote control on the surface without needing to dive deep. When you release a stone from your hand it drops to the floor because of the law of gravity. Whatever you release, releases you. Nothing can hold onto you when you release it. Like gravity, this is a natural law.

Just as the biggest part of an iceberg is underwater many root causes for relationship issues, mental disorders, depression, physical ailments and so on are deep within the subconscious or buried deeply within the human “heart drive”. When the “virus”, the root cause, is found and deleted (released), it releases blockages in the energy channels and the inner elements can come into balance. The organs are again supplied with energy and supported in their function.

In the case of depression, the root cause, can for instance, be an unconscious wish to die because the depressed person wants to go to “the other side” to be with a passed-away loved one or family member. When that wish to die is released and the choice is made to stay “on this side of life” it is often experienced that the depression could heal completely and sometimes immediately.

When we have a physical disorder that is considered as an inflammation, for example in the liver, we might find through investigative enquiry and introspection that the root cause was the feeling of accumulated anger and the strong attachment to it because of a “secret payoff” like the need to be right. By releasing the anger and the reasons why and how the anger was created, the change happens from the subtle energies to the more dense levels accordingly as it was the imprint in consciousness that held the physical disorder in its form and body location in the first place.

For a person who is experiencing health issues with their sexual organs, the root cause can be, as an example, a deep, old, guilt memory stored subconsciously from a previous life as a monk when vows of celibacy were broken. When the hidden feelings of shame, guilt and self-judgement are released the physical symptoms can clear and heal. This healing is supported by making a choice to forgive oneself. Previously experienced feelings of guilt and shame and even pain during sexual activity can disappear.

The inner poisons of guilt and shame can also be connected to our ancestors. For example, we released with a person who was suicidal and depressed for many years. Through enquiry, we discovered that he had subconsciously taken on the guilt of his grandfather who had done something terrible. He, our client, assumed the guilt through a subconscious wish to bring karmic balance to the family. That guilt was experienced as his own guilt. When the decision to take on his grandfather’s guilt was released by saying aloud, ”I release my decision to take on my grandfather’s guilt and the feeling of guilt for what he did,” he wept deeply and felt a great relief and lightness in his heart. His depression and suicidal thoughts were gone immediately and did not return.

Scientific research has shown in Epigenetic studies that trauma and emotional issues carried by ancestors can be passed down to descendants through their DNA. That can be released as well.

A significant part of the Releasing process includes the releasing of entities, demonic beings and disincarnates (souls without bodies) that can enter into people’s bodies or energy fields through the causative effect of prolonged feelings of rage, hate, environmental causes,  destructive habits and many other reasons. These entities affect the mental, emotional and physical health of individuals and without releasing them first, the patient or client can be in despair of ever finding a cure.

In one of our cases, a woman suddenly lost all her energy overnight and could hardly get out of bed, feeling extremely depressed and suicidal for about two weeks. In a private session, it was discovered that her condition was caused by a disincarnate who had entered her body as she was walking on a dark street one night. It was a soul of a girl who had committed suicide. When this disincarnate was released, the woman’s energy instantly returned to normal and she was back to her clear and happy self. The whole process took 30 minutes.

It is essential to see that negative emotions like fear, guilt and pride are often like seeds that are in the ground of our subconsciousness for a long time. While some have come to fruition as ailments or unhappiness and others remain as a seed, both the fruit and the seed can be released. When we release deeply buried pain and emotional poison we can prevent future illnesses before those seeds sprout. As shown in the examples above, karmic and ancestral seeds can be released too. But whatever negative programming or emotions we have stored, even though they are not consciously felt, they influence our lives, our behaviour, our decisions, our reactions and all our inner energies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Many people struggle with loving themselves and instead struggle with inner criticism, judgement and self condemnation. A lot of that is, of course, subconsciously rooted in mistakes that they have not forgiven themselves for. These could also be in decisions that they have made in the past that were wrong and regretted. Ideas and perceptions they have formed of themselves over the years and even many lifetimes can also cause them to feel unworthy of love and compassion. So when they attempt to be consciously self-loving or kind to themselves they feel numb, with little or no self love. Their inner sun of love is covered with many thick, cloudy layers of memories that show them to be anything but deserving of love. Strong real compassion for self cannot be felt. Maybe for others, but not for themselves. Often the idea of self love is feared as being selfish. All these negative opinions, ideas and perceptions, attachments, confusions and imprints in the mind about oneself are mostly connected to a story of why one is not really fully worthy of complete and utter deep love. These can be released layer by layer.

When you remove clouds from the sky, the sun brightly shines naturally, not because the sun shines suddenly stronger but because you removed the clouds. Many small clouds that may appear almost invisible until you shine your attention and awareness on them can be released on a daily basis. Making Releasing a practice, like meditation, we can prevent bigger clouds from forming. 

When we release the clouds that cover our hearts and minds, compassion, happiness and our true nature radiate forth naturally.


The Releasing process

What You Will Experience

Once we have learned the releasing process, we can practice it throughout our lives
In a releasing process, the facilitator guides and supports the person through the session to surface themes of disturbance, to release and transform them and to make decisions that are in alignment with the person’s True Self through a series of steps.
Once we have learned the releasing process we can practice it alone or with the assistance of a trained Releasing facilitator, either in a workshop or individually with a facilitator.
*The experiences during the Releasing process vary with each individual.
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  • Step 1: State of Relaxation

    The person who releases lies down or sits in a comfortable position.
    In a relaxed state one has easier excess to the inner Self, to one’s emotions, intuition and even unconscious memories. (It is nota state of hypnosis.)

  • Step 2: Surfacing of Issues

    The facilitator gives the suggestion to allow the memories, thoughts and feelings to surface that are connected to the issues that are most important at this time to be released and healed.
    The facilitator also suggests to the releasing person to not judge any of the memories, thoughts and feelings that come up, as self-judgement often creates a tendency to suppress inner emotions.

  • Step 3: In-touch with Inner Self

    The facilitator asks questions to help him/her to get in touch with his/her inner self and to focus on the process:

    1. What do you feel? How does your body feel?
    2. What memories or images come to your mind?
    3. What age were you when you felt this or experienced this?
    4. How did you experience this or what happened?
    5. How did you feel about that?
    6. What were your thoughts about this?

  • Step 4: Speaking Releasing Statements

    The facilitator asks the releasing person to speak Releasing Statements like:

    1. “I release my anger…..(or fear, grief, rage, guilt, disappointment etc).”
    2. “I release my decision to never forgive myself…..(or other negative decisions)”
    3. “I release my belief that I’m not worthy…..(or other limiting beliefs and concepts)”

  • Step 5: Making New Decisions

    After the constraining emotions are released and drained, the person is invited to make new choices and decisions (always with respect of her/his free will) that are in alignment with the person’s True Self in order to empower and confirm the transformation.

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