It is truly an experience not to be missed in this precious human body.

The Releasing Workshop was such a freeing experience. It also lead me to few revelations.

I found the technique was able to heal and balance one's emotions, feelings and mental state deeply and more importantly rid oneself of inherent or inborn conditioning or "patterning of feelings and thinking" that I didn't know existed. 

I have attended many workshops and have found the Releasing technique to be the most fulfilling and complete. Its efficiency and effectiveness is quick and awesome. It is an amazing phenomenon that I have never heard of in many other systems or schools of thought. 

My experience of the Releasing session was very precise, profound and rectified the cause of the situation when most often I don't even know what the cause or solution is. 

More than that, I feel programs and energies that restrict my body being released. I came into fuller capacity into my body and to live life, centering and connecting myself more deeply into my body. 

I experienced the lighting up of my brain and body into greater and greater capacities with certain programs and codings that restrict the body being taken away, gone! Like a restoring of the original greater capacity in the human body - for awareness and aliveness, love and joy. 

This is a GREAT GIFT and a GREAT LEAP. Because with a greater capacity comes a greater expression for life, beauty, creativity, arts, manifestation, joy, love, freedom, enlightenment, you name it.....everything under the sun! Imagine having 3 times more the fun, joy, clarity, aliveness, awareness and your perception of the world through the senses of the body becoming naturally much clearer. It is truly an experience not to be missed in this precious human body. 

The experience of the workshop has made me marvel at how expansive the body can be. I encourage you to participate in the workshop, discover the beauty of the human body and the freedom that is naturally yours is the end result.

Low Horng Tat