Messages of love, thanks and testimonials flooded in from our event in Warsaw. Messages that filled our hearts with gratitude that we are blessed to do the work we do!

Here are a few that we’d like to share to give hope to you who suffer and to encourage you to release:

Your work is as important as every breath on each day.
Iwona Zalejska
* * *

Thank you, beloved, for a wonderful meeting releasing from trauma. I am very grateful to you, I wanted to thank you personally, but there was a queue.
Marzena Szilling
* * *

I am very grateful that I met you. 🙏 You shine so bright and send the light! <3 I feel better and better after session. I have so much love inside. Hope to see you soon! 🥰
Katarzyna Similak
* * *

It was great what you did in Warsaw! The whole, huge hall was in a masterly process led by you. We were there with my wife, thank you very much! When exactly will you visit Poland again?
Marek Pluciński
* * *

I participated in the Releasing session at Surowe Zdrowie in Warsaw in January 2020. Before that I read a bit about the method and watched a few films on YouTube to see what to expect. However, nothing could have prepared me for what happened!
To be honest, Your presence and the session was the main reason for signing up – subconsciously I had known I needed it…

My childhood and later years and decisions as result were a difficult time mainly because of my mum’s alcohol addiction. Many times before I have said to myself that I forgive her but that was like a small wave on the surface of the ocean. Even before you started the session, tears started running down, though I had no idea what was going to happen. I only knew I wanted to put myself and my mum at peace.

The Releasing was such an emotional and spiritual experience. I still keep thinking about it, analysing and I am so grateful for what had happened!
At a certain moment, in the darkness beyond my closed eyelids, I saw a ball of light and warmth, getting bigger and closer, so close and big that it finally almost took the whole vision. It was my mum’s soul/ spirit – or so I understand it. We could explain a lot of things and finally really forgive each other! I felt it and I felt that she felt that too. Then the light went away… and also a painful stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I was so used to it that I almost stopped noticing it, with the exceptions of the moments when the cramps were really painful, which I interpreted as bad posture problems etc. At the end of the Releasing session I felt as light as a little balloon filled with helium.
Now I do truly believe and can give testimony about the power of Releasing! There are, of course, many more things I’d love to release and, as a result, change my life (and my family’s life) for better (I think that the miracle should be followed by real actions in this life, with the people I love and those I don’t. You said at the event that You would back to Poland with more sessions and workshops. Please, let me know if those plans could come true. Now, I would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Releasing session there. It also gave me a boost to develop spiritually. May God bless You for all the goodness and help! Hope to meet You again! With warmest greetings from Warsaw, Poland, Ola Olba
* * *

Dear Selina and Heiko, the time spent with you was something extraordinary for me. At first I approached it with curiosity, but during the Releasing process, I realized that something unusual was happening … something that would allow me to overcome my current, difficult stage in my life.
In August 2019, I parted from the man I loved very much, with whom I was in a relationship 4.5 years – I thought it would be the only relationship I had been waiting for many years – it turned out differently.
The second element that I can’t understand for many years is my mother’s behavior.
And now what happened …. As for the man, I feel that I still need to release something, while when it comes to my relationship with my mother, a real miracle has happened – it has become a time of letting go, releasing various emotions, understanding her. When I returned home, I felt a great love for my mother, whom I still avoided and couldn’t understand until recently …

Now I feel free, I feel such peace that I have not experienced so far …. Something wonderful opened up to me … I examine it every day and look at myself from a new perspective.
* * *

Thank you for YOUR work and RELEASE PROCESS, I want more 😀 ❤ ❤
That was amazing ❤
But this is not the end, because to this day I do not understand what happened during the release of me from processes and blockades, which I could not even repeat after you Selina. I speak English fluently, I understood everything that was spoken in the room without an interpreter, but when your individual work took place with me, a blockade arose that, looking at your lips, I was aware that this is the only way I can repeat the release words after you. Although, as you remember, there was a small problem with that. Whatever happened for sure was good, my heart feels
calm, my thoughts are sorted out and I discover myself again and again.
I would like to thank You for Your help . Thank You for Your every word Talking with You was amazing experience. It’s a great gift from God for me, to meet with You. I hope so, see You soon. THANK YOU ❤ ❤ ❤
Agnieszka Piwko
* * *

I’ve been to your Releasing today and I must say it was the best thing that happened to me. I’m eternally grateful for you and the opportunity to be there. You’re amazing. Thank you for your great work! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️
Patrycja Cyrankowska
* * *

I’ve had one of the best visualisations ever. I was a glass vessel being filled gradually with white snow which then was pouring out taking all the dirt together, so I became clear as a crystal. Thank you for that experience! A truckload of LOVE!!! 💟
Vanitas Whysoserious
* * *

It was a wonderful experience.! I’m grateful that I could meet you guys on my way. And thank you mariusz and Agnes because without them it would be impossible. Translator chosen perfectly. Greetings! And I wish you all the best for you 😘
Aneta Jastrzębska-Kuś
* * *

It was magical. I could feel all my tensions dissapear. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Xxxx 💝💝💝💝❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗🙏🏼🙏🏼
Patrycja Cyrankowska
* * *

I can only say thank you ♥️ I’m starting a new stage of my life 😊
Mateusz Kusion
* * *

It was an incredibly deep experience. How it affects our lives, it will show time.
Ewa Adamczyk
* * *

Thank you for the Releasing in Warsaw. It was an extraordinary session and a great opportunity to meet you. You are wonderful!
Magdalena Jasiurska-Kwiecień
* * *

I am grateful that I could meet such wonderful people as you and thank you that I could take part of release sessions with you ♥️
Malgorzata Warchol-Siczek
* * *

I can’t wait to see you again in Poland🙏💜💜😘
Monika Kowalewicz
* * *

I’m here from today, as my mother took part in your meeting today in Warsaw and she is under huge positive impression 🙏🏻
Justyna Murawska
* * *