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  • As usual it was a great session!! Released a lot of locked away fears and not realising it was there!!! Thank you so much for the session. I feel so energised and that I can conquer the world!!!

    Released a lot of locked away fears…
    Sharong Regina Kulasekaran. Participant at the Global Releasing Webinar Series 18 Jul - 1 Aug 2020, on "Overcoming Fear of Failure".
  • Beautiful, introspective and empowering experience.

    Javier. Participant at Global Releasing Webinar Series 18 Jul - 1 Aug 2020, on Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Lots of stuff going on through this two and a half hour long webinar on releasing fear of failure / fear of success!

    Writing this right after the webinar: still processing and integrating!
    Lots of resonance with regard to fears in this lifetime, fears from the ancestral bloodline, and from past lifetimes!

    What was covered (among other things)?

    This included how to release real and perceived failure, fear of losing love when failing, even for of being too successful, fear of being more successful than parents and ancestors, but also how to reprogramme and choose success.
    It also included rebalancing: how to ask for forgiveness from those I let down and also myself.

    Drank more than three litres of water during the webinar, which helped me to remain on track energetically!

    Thank you very much, Heiko and Selina!
    And thank you to Bogdan for facilitating and organising this webinar series.

    Very good start to it, looking forward to the next two webinars!

    Releasing fear of failure/ fear of success
    Frederik Rettig. Participant at the Global Releasing Webinar Series 18 Jul - 1 Aug 2020