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  • Thank you for a beautiful Releasing session. Many of the releasing statements were spot on. It was heartening to know that a lot of my personal struggles are universal and more importantly, that they can be released and replaced with new, positive mindsets. Thank you so much!”

    Heartening to know… they can be released…
    Participant at webinar 7 Nov 2020, Mothers & Daughters
  • Once again, such powerful guided releases on things I didn’t even know was a “thing” that was crucial to release. I tapped into feelings & beliefs as early as a toddler / young kid and I was able to release those stored emotions. Truly powerful work.

    Truly powerful work
    Participant at webinar 7 Nov 2020, Mothers & Daughters
  • I was amazed by how in-depth it was. At first I wondered how deep we could go with the statements, but when we got started I could feel my body responding till the end. What impressed upon me deeply, was how I held the exact energies that I thought my mum was holding against me. During the week after the session, I could feel myself being in a different space, especially in relation to other women and my mum and my sister. I believe for most of my life so far, I have been fighting my mum, if not externally, it would be internally. Heiko and Selina have been incredibly perceptive, to include angles that hit the spots right where it’s sore! I’m happy to have come across this webinar at this time. If only it was available before!

    I’m happy to have come across this webinar…
    Participant at webinar held 7 Nov 2020, Mothers & Daughters