It’s very beneficial for both pregnant mothers and their unborn babies to release past life trauma or fears about childbirth.

We’ve used the Lindwall Releasing technique to support many mothers to have much faster and easier births and someone even said she had a “blissful” experience when she delivered her baby one week after her Releasing session about her pregnancy!

Releasing during pregnancy can delete fears of the pain, release present and past life trauma during childbirth and resistance to labour. Mothers have also discovered and released the root of foetal distress and other conditions while in the womb. Releasing can be done for the baby by the mother.

Many women have had lifetimes where they might have died during or right after the birth or had complications during delivery which may have left strong imprints on mother and child. The consequences of those experiences when not released can often be carried like shadows into subsequent lifetimes.

There was a lovely young 35 weeks pregnant mother come to see us 2 days ago for a private session. She had Gestational Diabetes and her baby was putting on weight much faster than was normal, with a large head and shoulders. Her doctor was very concerned that baby would be born too large and suggested that her baby be induced early.

In her session while “tuning in” to her baby, she released FOR her baby girl her worry and guilt from certain of her past lives to have caused distress or trauma to her mother.
In one key past lifetime, the mother took her own life as the baby was a result of a rape which she kept secret in the strict religious community she lived in. Judged and unsupported by her community and with 2 children to raise alone, she checked out. The child grew and matured under very difficult circumstances in a cold and bleak land. This mother and child is the same pair currently.

Upon Releasing for both herself and her baby all fears, guilt, pain and blame from the past, we saw before our very eyes her hard and very large pregnant bulge reduce visibly and completely relax! Her entire womb felt soft and relaxed to her touch! It was as if all tension had left her baby. Even her clothes fitted much better than before her session. She spoke to her baby and told her that this time, she would be born in a warm, tropical land and would be very welcome and loved…everything she needed would be provided and there would be no need to accumulate any extra fat in the womb to protect herself against a possible cold and harsh environment.

We’ll keep an eye on her to see if her Gestational Diabetes is healed or reduced as a result of this session. Diabetes can be the physical consequence of the feeling that “there is no sweetness in life”. Having this same soul come through her again, triggered old memories of that very difficult previous lifetime where she took her life.

(We’re happy to report that this mother’s Gestational Diabetes was gone after the session and she has since delivered her baby girl who was more than 4kg but was born with no complications. Naturally and at full term. She was so relaxed that she slipped out easily and her mother suffered no tears in her cervix.)

In today’s session with another client who is 32 weeks into her pregnancy, she experienced her baby in distress when she released for him his past life memory of trauma, terror and panic from having his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. She felt him calm and relax as soon as she made the Releasing Statements for him!

Hope this gives an insight on how much Releasing can support pregnancy and childbirth.