Global Releasing Webinar: Achieving Harmony in Love & Relationships

Achieving Harmony in Love & Relationships

In "Achieving Harmony in Love & Relationships", you get the rare opportunity to really release and clear the big blocks of deep and hidden programs around your love life and close relationships so that your journey in love can be so much smoother than it has been and you can fall in love again.

Facilitated by Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer, you will have the chance to greatly benefit from Heiko and Selina’s combined years of experience of Releasing with thousands of people from all over the world.

They have found that there are many subconscious sabotaging programs, decisions and buried emotions that are preventing you from having the love life that you’ve been wishing for!

You will be effectively Releasing on the different categories of painful blocks and programming stemming from:

  • -the early sources of conflict between Man and Woman.
  • -limiting and destructive decisions made in relationships.
  • -programming from your parents’ marriage that are subconsciously creating a difficult partnership for yourself.
  • -self-esteem issues that stop you from attracting a partner that cherishes you or which are creating a partnership in which you are disrespected.
  • -suppressed and painful emotions from past relationships.
  • -the negative effects in your body from fighting with your partner​
  • …and much more!

With English subtitles.

"I definitely experienced a massive shift on the phrase making myself available for relationships (it was a wave that rippled out) and my twinflame initiated asking me out for a hike for our birthdays this Sunday." - Rebecca, USA

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