Global Releasing Webinar: Releasing Entities


In this 120-minute webinar, Heiko & Selina will be focusing on using Releasing to help participants release entities.

Take this rare opportunity to really release and clear any negative entities that have been affecting your life!

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    Topic: Releasing Entities
    Date: 4 June 2020, Thursday
    Time: 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm (GMT +8, UTC +08:00)
    Language: English
    Fee: USD37

    What to expect in the webinar:

    – Learn about the different types of of common entities
    – Identify the common ways that an entity can be attached to you
    – Discover the common signs and symptoms of an entity attachment
    – Release entities on the spot (that can be released during this webinar)
    – Learn about the Universal Law that protects you and other forms of protection
    – Empower yourself with a way to deal with entity attachments