Releasing Entities

Sometimes, even though people are working on themselves and clearing their “issues”, they might still find little or slow progress as they are not aware of this metaphysical attachment that is a very limiting “virus in their inner hard drive”. When attached entities are cleared, even faster progress can be achieved.

Releasing Negative Spirits and Entities:

This is a rather sensitive topic which we work with a lot that often raises many questions from skeptics and therefore we have often not spoken publicly about it. But we feel that it’s time that those who seek help in this area can support themselves simply and effectively. We realise through our experience with working with our clients that more people than most people realise, have entities, energetic parasites or disincarnate souls attached to their body and energy system.

This is due to previous subconscious agreements made in lonely or painful situations or when a person feels powerless (especially children) or wants to feel special and powerful. An infestation can also happen when people unconsciously step into an infested energy field, visit an internet portal which has negative content dealing with pain or dark magic, are alcoholic or take illegal substances that are harmful to their bodies.

People who are interested in the metaphysical field are often attracted to the word “portals” and are eager to open them, without prior knowledge of what these dimensional or energetic portals really are and without first ensuring that their character is in balance and energy field, strong. Any cracks in their energy field or in their character can attract an invasion of entities that have other agendas other than for their highest good.

There are many other situations that can give rise to an invasion of your body by entities. The Key is in the Agreement. You have a divine right to your own body and therefore can release this agreement and command these beings to leave you at once and completely. In fact, there is a Cosmic Law that our teachers, Isa and Yolanda Lindwall, shared with us, that will always stand you in good stead and useful for everyone to know. It’s the Universal Law of Non- Interference. It states:


We’ve used this law with many of our clients who have had these challenges with immediate positive results. So imagine that you didn’t know that there is a law that says that nobody can enter your home without your permission or they could be prosecuted for trespassing. Not knowing this law, a group of rowdy people come into your home, have a party and create chaos, eat all the food you have in your fridge, poop on your rug and stay for weeks.

You are at your wit’s end and no matter how you ask them, they won’t leave. Then you call a friend for help and she tells you, “Hey, did you know that the law protects you? They are not allowed to do that or they could go to jail! It’s your home and they can’t come in like this.” In that moment, you march to them and command them in the name of the law to leave or you’ll call the police! “Ooops! Uh oh, now she knows the law…heck, guess we gotta vamoose outta here!”

So, center yourself, ask for the support of a Divine being…Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha…. and say outloud,

“I release all agreements and contracts with any being, disincarnate soul or entity to come in my body and energy field and stay there. And I release all programs that I cannot get rid of you and that you are good for me.” Then state the Universal Law above in a COMMANDING voice, and say, “Now that I know this Law, I COMMAND all of you to leave my body and my energy field. You are NO LONGER ALLOWED. LEAVE NOW.”

You might feel energy movement or sensation in your feet as the invading beings leave. The feet are often a doorway through which comings and goings take place. We hope this topic helps those who feel that they are struggling with this issue. It’s good anyway for everyone else reading this to use the Universal Law and do the exercise to clear your field regularly. We do.

Releasing Bonds wih Black Magic:

There could be situations when black magic attacks can appear to be stubbornly un-healable and entities would not leave even with the use of Cosmic Law and calling on Divine support. At this point, it would be wise to courageously dive into your inner world to look at past life agreements and contracts. It’s good to have support from an experienced and clear healer when you do this.

Often, in our experience, these contracts were made while you were practising dark magic or were involved in past life situations where dark rituals were used. The attachments to these entities are often difficult to release until the situations are made conscious and the programing and agreements are released. In cases where hurt and harm were caused to others, true remorse needs to be felt and forgiveness asked for, in order for the karma to be balanced.

When this important work is not done, we might find that the consequences of black magic are experienced directly or in many cases, experienced indirectly by people in their periphery (you hear about it being done to friends or family, your home is infested). Many people subconsciously punish themselves by allowing an infestation of entities because of what they had done in the past with hurting others through the use of entities and dark magic.

There were also a few interesting cases through the years where suffering clients were holding on to some powerful entities in order to protect others around them from being hurt. When these entities were released, the person’s entire face brightened spontaneously and instantaneously. Life in every aspect changed almost immediately and positively in a dramatic way. When the karma around this is cleared and contracts released, the entities will leave as you are not subconsciously still holding on to them. You will find that the topic of black magic and fear of the “dark side” will fade in your life and you become clear and strong. You will also be able to come more easily into your power, having released the fear that you will misuse it in this way again. There are many powerful people, also in the healing and metaphysical fields, that have had a past in dark magic and it’s worth for them to confront this in order to clear and heal and come into their real power. We hope this post gives further clarity to the subject of invasive entities. Feel welcome to ask relevant questions.


With love, Heiko and Selina