Exhilarating and humbling

We were greatly privileged to release with a room of more than 1,200 people in Warsaw, Poland on the invitation of our friend, Mariusz Budrowski. Thank you also to his excellent Team and family.

It was exhilarating to be with so many people open, willing and eager to release and to heal. Some even came from Ireland, Scotland and the UK for this experience and opportunity. Up to this point, we had never experienced such an excited and willing energy in a large crowd in any country we had worked in and our own excitement and anticipation started a fast gathering of intense energy within our beings as we prepared ourselves internally.

The moment finally arrived and lights dimmed as we tuned in from our hearts to the hearts of all who gathered there in the great ballroom for more than 3 hours. In the soft darkness and amidst the soothing strains of the music we played, the people chose to move within their core to face and to openly express their deeply buried pain with great courage and open hearts, many weeping openly and many speaking aloud words of pain and anger that were previously left unspoken for years. One participant told us later that she was stunned to witness her fellow Polish so openly expressing their pain and emotions as her people are known to be rather unexpressive and stoic.

Moving through the Lindwall Releasing process with the use of Releasing Statements, several pressing themes common to the people surfaced to be addressed and released. Among those were old feelings of anger and hurt with parents. Scanning the faces and hearts, we saw people old and young weeping openly as they healed painful issues with their parents and stepped into forgiveness and love. New decisions to open their hearts again were reaffirmed and tears from thawed frozen hearts flowed freely. As we often say, “When the ice in your frozen hearts melt, the water flows out of your eyes.”

So many people releasing fear, pain, guilt, shame and moving into forgiveness both of themselves, their parents and for others was an experience that we will forever treasure as a dream come true for us.

Guilt and shame regarding abortion and grief over the loss of beloved ones rolled off like heavy boulders from hearts long suffering from the weight. Such grief when not released can impact the lungs and heart and cause respiratory and cardiovascular weakness and illnesses.

Shock, trauma, guilt and shame epigenetically inherited from ancestors who were involved in wars were dealt with as these inherited issues could create depression and chaos within the family bloodline for many generations.

Releasing decisions to destroy or kill oneself and releasing the negative effects of such a decision perhaps made many years ago and not unmade, we know would bring relief to many bodies which were on a self-destructive journey of physical and mental ill health. Shock and trauma to bodies, minds and hearts from accidents and violent abuse were also released.

They released decisions to close their hearts to protect themselves and then chose to open their hearts again to love. They released to give their power away and reclaimed their power, choosing to use it from their hearts.

Finally, as the people gave themselves permission to be happy again, they broke into loud spontaneous applause and stood up to smile, laugh and cheer! It was simply glorious and wonderful! So much Joy! <3 <3
We know that the results will surely ripple out through the planet to benefit all beings!

Many came later to us outside the room, after the Q&A and debriefing, to consult on their personal issues and in the next 5 hours more deep healing took place as we gladly worked with them.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and incredibly happy, beyond words, really. Infinite gratitude to our great teachers, Isa and Yolanda Lindwall, who passed this Key to Healing to us and to humanity.
Poland, we hope to be back soon with your people! ❤️❤️