• Releasing Retreats

    With Heiko & Selina

    Experience Emotional, Physical &
    Spiritual Healing


  • Releasing Retreats

    With Heiko & Selina

    Experience Emotional, Physical &
    Spiritual Healing



“Every time you practise Releasing, you take back more of your power.”

Learning the process and technique

In these 3 and a half days you will get to experience the Lindwall Releasing process for your own benefit and you will learn the process so you can use it and benefit from it. You will take home a most powerful and effective tool to support yourself, your friends and family.

Learn How to find out what it is, that stops or blocks you in your relationships, health and finances and How to Free Yourself from it.

Not a Shallow Quick-fix-cure-all

It’s not a shallow quick-fix-cure-all, even though thousands of people have experienced amazing, far-reaching results just from one workshop alone and so can you.

This workshop is designed to free yourself from the most crucial inner obstacles in your current personal life.

In other words, ‘to delete the present virus on your heart drive’ NOW and at the same time provide you with a powerful tool that when practiced can give you amazing lasting results across your life.

This 4D/3N Getaway Includes

Releasing & Cleansing

A long weekend releasing and clearing your specific issues, old emotional pains and mental limitations that hold you back and sabotage your career, relationships and health.

Learning the Technique

Learn The Power of Releasing process for daily use with yourself or with another person. ( for lay people and professionals)

Individual Time & Attention

4D/3 N of special time and attention with us both to ask your personal questions.

Accomodation and Meals

All accommodations and meals are covered in the retreat fee.

Retreat Benefits

What You Get:

  • Heal and clear emotional pain
  • Resolve and heal personal and business relationships in current or past issues
  • Clear your karma
  • Alignment with your divine Self and Source
  • Increase self esteem and self confidence
  • Clear limiting mindsets that have negative effects on a person’s finances and career
  • Heal chronic physical ailments which have an emotional or mental cause
  • Achieve clarity of mind
  • Achieve clarity of heart
  • Realise and understand how you create the patterns of your life that limit you from achieving your life goals
  • Free yourself from fears
  • Open minds to receive new ideas and learning
  • Open and balance the full potential of right and left brain functions
  • Discover and unlock hidden potential and increase personal capacity
  • Discover who you REALLY are.

Free yourself from:

  • Emotional pain from the past and present.
  • Negative programming from your childhood, from family, teachers, your culture and society.
  • Negative and emotional decisions that you have made or forgot that you’ve made that are still running your life today.
  • Fears, anxiety and trauma.
  • The root of chronic physical ailments like backaches, shoulder aches, stomach problems, etc.
  • Anger and resentment towards yourself or others that you find difficult to forgive.
  • Feelings of powerlessness.
  • Depression.
  • Career blocks
  • Programs that interfere with your connection and alignment with your divine Self and Source.

Pricing & Directions

Previous participants

Previous participants can come for 50% of the retreat price if space allows.

How to get there

Participants from Singapore will meet the group in KL. Full details will be sent to you upon confirmation of your space. International participants, please contact us for support on how to get to the location.

Price (USD)

Per Participant

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I felt like I was re-born into the world. My relationship with my husband is so much better than it has ever been.

Words alone will not be enough for me to express how Selina & Heiko has completely changed my life so positively & profoundly that I feel like I have only just started living!

I was drawn to Selina & Heiko the moment I met them. Beside being loving, centered & calm, there is something about them that is truly magnetic and reassuring. I was introduced by a good friend who highly recommended them and although they invited me to their River Retreat at that time, the time was not right for me and it took me awhile before I finally cleared all my obstacles and made it to there. Honestly, I had no idea what releasing was really about before I went for the retreat, I did not read any testimonials, did not even check out their website, I just decided to go after I spoke to Selina briefly over a Skype conversation. Selina shared some insights that surprised me, she has only met me once but I feel like she knows me deeper than I know myself and that conversation was over Skype! My decision was made.

The River Retreat was truly magical. I admit I had my reservations on how the process works, I was skeptical about how it could be that easy to just 'release'! But nothing, absolutely nothing, could hide the way I feel as the days progress. I started the retreat a little apprehensive but with Selina's love and Heiko's warmth, it was so easy to let myself be enveloped in their non-judging, safe, so very loving space and just let myself go. As the days pass, I was bursting with so much love and positive energy, I was literally bouncing off the walls! I have never felt so incredibly happy, never felt so much love, never felt more positive and grounded in my life. I felt like I was re-born into the world.

And it wasn't just the releasing that changed my life, it is Selina and Heiko. Both their essence and their souls, the amazing conversations we had, the way the both of them are, so loving, so honest, so real, so humble, so genuine, so grounded & so funny (they have a really great sense of humor!), I have learned much much more than I can ever imagined in just one weekend to live a life that I want to live from now on. The biggest and most precious thing they have taught me is to be authentic. It such an easy word to use, 'authentic', but to truly understand what it means, I only just learned it from them.

No amount of money in the world will be enough for what Selina and Heiko has given me during that retreat. I will forever be thankful and grateful to them. My relationship with my husband is so much better than it has ever been, he is so energized and charged with my positivity that he has also become a different person! We are super excited and incredibly happy to start our journey with this new-found love and energy for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Selina and Heiko for everything, thank you for choosing this path and changing so many lives. I am so unbelievably blessed to have you both in my life. I love you both with all my heart & soul. Love you, love you, love you.

Linna Tan

I removed that which was holding me back from my potential

After witnessing the results of the work of Heiko and Selina, I knew I had to participate and fly over from Melbourne for Heiko and Selina's next River Retreat.
I removed that which was holding me back from my potential, things which I had no idea were inside of me, things that have been dragging me down for the majority of my life. I feel so free and clear now – my ‘ability to do’ has spiralled to a whole new level. Participating in the river retreat was the most rewarding and enjoyable 4 days of my life!

Wow, I just remembered how I was a month ago, and what was going on inside my brain - I feel sooo much different now! I only just realized! Amazing! And I just got offered yet another job! Another thank-you for the retreat - massive undercurrent of peace inside me all day every day.

James Rosales
Sales Executive

WOW! I’m still blown away by the experience.

Johnny & I would like to express our heartfelt thank you for such a mind-blowing, out-of-this-world River Retreat.
WOW! I’m still blown away by the experience. Such immense healing and clearing not only in the present, most of all whatever in the past that I did not know was even there.read more...

Jacy Wee
Executive Director, Globe Success Learning Sdn Bhd

This River Retreat is Highly Recommended for those who have been searching for answers.

This River Retreat is Highly Recommended for those who have been searching for answers for the “patterns in their lives” that seem to be stopping them. During the retreat, you will find out the root causes to the patterns & resistances. Once they are removed, major shift will happen. Thanks to the two retreats I attended, I had major breakthroughs in my life! Truly I’m very grateful to Heiko & Selina for their undivided attention, support & love throughout the retreat. We received more than what we expected.

Suzan Tan
Business Owner

A truly truly amazing experience and fantastic healing!

Just got back from my 4D/3N Magick River Releasing Retreat by Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer! … A truly truly amazing experience and fantastic healing! A highly recommended retreat…and a must for ALL who seek for deep soul level rejuvenation… I was WOW’ed… and still am WOW’ing.

Angela Khor

This Retreat was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life

This Retreat was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life

Mr Heng Thye Yong
Executive Director

Selina and Heiko work magick!

“How do Selina and Heiko work magick? When you meet them the first thing you notice is they have no umbrella of fear! You can’t help but peek out from under your own to see what it feels like and it feels so goooooooood, you throw the umbrella away….

The Retreat at the Magick River with Heiko and Selina was one of the happiest moments in my life!

The Retreat at the Magick River with Heiko and Selina was one of the happiest moments in my life ~ happy because I found my true or original state and it’s only happiness and joy and love. It was simply an outburst of my True Self. I feel the restraints and conditions that used to weigh on my heart and body are released. Coming into my fuller capacity to live a fulfilled life.

Horng T.

Stands out as absolutely crucial

I’ve been to many retreats and workshops over the last three decades – and this last one at Magick River undoubtedly stands out as absolutely crucial to my ongoing spiritual education. read more...

Visionary & Webmaster

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