We are often asked by people if we think they are on the right path. They often feel confused and twist themselves into a knot wondering if the path they are going to embark on is the right or wrong way. They have the idea that they will have things easy and almost effortless when they are on the right path and when they come across difficult situations, confusion sets in.

Say out loud:

“I release all programs and ideas that the “right way” is always painless, smooth and easy and the “wrong way” is difficult, painful, fearful and filled with obstacles.

And I release feeling stuck, not knowing which is the best path/way to take. So it is.

I open myself to see that the “right way” can be difficult and painful but the lessons I learn on that path is what I need to learn to grow and evolve and so it’s the “right way” after all. And the “wrong way” is sometimes the easiest route to take at the start.

I ask Divine Providence for strength to walk my way without any labels and the discernment to know when I need to correct my course. So it is.”